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If you brew tea the wrong way, you can invite some health problems. In order for the tea not to be bitter and to last for a long time, we recommend that you do not keep the brewed tea on the stove. Because it can make the tea bitter. For this reason, after the tea is brewed thoroughly, it should be taken from the stove. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the stomach, especially gastritis and ulcers. After brewing the tea, you should not expose it to high heat. Tea, which is constantly drunk at high heat and boiling, can cause cancer diseases in the future.


It has been revealed that a big mistake has been made in the teas that have been brewed in the kitchens for many years. According to experts, to drink a delicious tea, the award-winning tea brewing tactic „First water, then tea“ has been announced to make tea much more delicious. One of the most common mistakes when brewing tea is adding boiled water just above the tea. If you pour the boiling water on the tea immediately, the tea will lose its flavor and will be boiled directly. That’s why: First, put water under the teapot and put it on the stove. Let the water in the lower pot boil. After the water in the lower teapot boils, pour a little of the boiling water into the empty upper teapot. Then slowly pour about 5 tablespoons of tea (you can use less if it is smuggled tea) over the hot water into the upper teapot. Then add cold water to the lower teapot again and put it on the fire again. Meanwhile, the top tea is slowly brewed and reaches the desired consistency. If you let it brew for about 10 minutes, you can serve your rabbit blood tea in a delicious way.

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The article discusses some health problems that can be caused by brewing tea incorrectly. It is advised not to keep brewed tea on the stove for too long, as it can make the tea bitter and potentially cause damage to the stomach. Drinking tea at high heat and boiling constantly can also lead to cancer in the future. The article then introduces an award-winning tea brewing technique called „First water, then tea“. This involves boiling water in a lower pot and pouring a little of the boiling water into an empty upper teapot before slowly pouring in the tea. The top tea is then slowly brewed and reaches the desired consistency. The article recommends brewing tea this way to create a delicious and flavorful cup.

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