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The 22nd episode of the Cranberry Sherbet series met with the audience on SHOW TV screens. In the last part of the Cranberry Sherbet series; Fatih’s surprise to his wife and wanting to buy her a car initially reflects very positively on the couple’s relations, but in time it will bring them to the brink of a great disaster. Nilay, who thinks she is very smart, will fall into the trap of fraudsters. Here are the links to watch the last episode of Cranberry Sherbet full…

Watch Cranberry Sherbet Episode 22

The opening of the restaurant, in which Sönmez and Mustafa are partners, will bring the two families together once again. Kıvılcım, who takes action regarding the inappropriate images that Çimen sees on her computer, wants to settle the matter without harming Metehan and Çimen, but in the end she will fall into a completely different problem. Omar’s action to save his son by burning himself will tie Kıvılcım’s hand.

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The article is about the 22nd episode of the TV series „Cranberry Sherbet“, which aired on SHOW TV. The episode features a storyline where Fatih wants to buy a car for his wife, which initially seems to have positive effects on their relationship but leads to a disaster later on. Nilay falls into the trap of fraudsters, and Kıvılcım takes action regarding inappropriate images on Çimen’s computer but ends up facing another problem when Omar burns himself to save his son. The article provides links to watch the full episode and includes an embedded video from YouTube.

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