Business center to be build in Bishkek on site of burned-out Prosecutor General’s Office

Bishkek, April 4, 2023. / Kabar/. It is planned to build a business center on the site of the burnt building of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The Bishkek Mayor’s Office leased the land for 5 years…

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with the condition that the investor will construct a modern business center within this period.

According to the mayor’s office, several domestic and foreign investors have already expressed interest in the project, and negotiations are currently underway.

The burnt building of the Prosecutor General’s Office was one of the largest and most significant buildings in Bishkek, located in the heart of the city. The fire caused extensive damage and led to the loss of important documents and evidence.

The construction of a new business center on this site is expected to contribute to the development of the city’s economy and create new job opportunities. The center is also planned to have modern facilities and meet international standards.

The Bishkek Mayor’s Office assured that the construction of the business center will not harm the environment and will be carried out in accordance with all necessary procedures and regulations. The project is expected to be completed within the next few years.

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