8 suspects caught defrauding 83-year-old pensioner

Suspects are sent to the court house after their processings at the police station.

Retired Ş.K., who lives in Istanbul, applied to the police with the complaint that he was defrauded by people who called him on the phone and said he was a police officer. Ş.K. claimed that those who called the police told him that his accounts had been taken over by the terrorist organization. Believing the caller, Ş.K. withdrew 1.5 million money from the bank with the instructions of the suspects. Ş.K. then sent the money he had withdrawn in parts to the bank accounts given to him.

In the investigation initiated by the Fraud Bureau, 8 suspects, including the account holders to whom the money was transferred and the organizer of the incident, were detained in Şişli. The suspects, whose procedures were completed in the Public Security Branch Directorate, were referred to the courthouse.

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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On 4th April 2023 at 11:02, DHA reported that a retired pensioner living in Istanbul, Ş.K., had been defrauded out of 1.5 million money by individuals claiming to be police officers. These scammers had convinced Ş.K. that his accounts had been taken over by a terrorist organization, and had instructed him to withdraw the money and send it in parts to various bank accounts. The Fraud Bureau launched an investigation and detained eight suspects, including the organizers and the recipients of the transferred money, in Şişli. These individuals have now been sent to court.

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