Maiden’s Tower opens in the first week of May

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy made observations at the Maiden’s Tower. Gökhan Yazgı, General Manager of Cultural Heritage and Museums, and members of the Scientific Committee, Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay, Prof. Dr. Minister Ersoy, who received information from Feridun Çılı and Architect Han Tümertekin, said that the Maiden’s Tower will be ready for opening in a few weeks. In his statement during the examinations, Minister Ersoy said, „Many things that have been made as if „from the past until today are disassembled as they should be after in-depth analysis, research, and are completed by taking precautions according to scientific reports,“ he said. said. Emphasizing that the work carried out on the Maiden’s Tower after the last earthquake disaster was a very correct decision, Minister Ersoy emphasized that reinforcement works were also carried out on the platform on which the building is located.


Stating that the main reason for the delay in the opening date of the Maiden’s Tower was the strengthening works carried out around the platform, Minister Ersoy continued: „With this work, the deficiencies of the structure not only on the top but also on the bottom, under the platform and on the sea side were noticed. Consolidation and strengthening works are being completed. „We have a piling work around the platform. Actually, the main reason for the delay of the process for two months at the moment is the extra precautions to be taken against this earthquake. The entire perimeter of the platform, which we see as an island, is piled. After these piles are driven, the platform and the piles need to be connected with steel constructions. Then the top The platform will be closed and the platform will be ready. Especially at the point where the piles are located and at the points close to the building, gaps are left. They are also filled with rubber insulators to ensure the independent operation of three separate structures against earthquakes.“

Stating that the Maiden’s Tower will survive for generations, Minister Ersoy said, „Like the iconic structures abroad, this place will not be focused on eating and drinking, as it should be, it will be put into service as a tower-museum and will be open to the use of visitors from all over the world, especially Turkish visitors. future.“


Minister Ersoy said, „The face we are used to seeing is the face that should not have been. Our eyes got used to it because we have been seeing its unreal face for years. Now it has been restored to its original state in the period of Mahmut II. We used to watch the Maiden’s Tower from Istanbul, now the Maiden’s Tower.“ We will watch Istanbul from the sky,“ he said.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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The Maiden’s Tower, located in Istanbul, Turkey, is set to open in a few weeks after reinforcement works and enhancements to its structure have been completed. The Culture and Tourism Minister, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, recently visited the site with members of the Scientific Committee to inspect the progress. The strengthening works identified certain deficiencies, which were addressed to ensure the tower’s stability and survival over generations. The Maiden’s Tower will serve as a tower-museum, providing visitors from around the world with the opportunity to experience a historic landmark with a stunning view of Istanbul from the sky.

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