As the cases of scabies increased, the demand for sulfur soap also increased.

Demand for sulfur soap, which is thought to be good for scabies, which is known to have become more common recently, has increased. While there was an increase in the number of people going to the herbal shops with scabies, citizens with scabies tried to reduce their itching with sulfur soap. Saying that the sales of sulfur soap have started to increase recently, Eskişehirlı transfer pointed out that the scabies disease is very difficult and that delicate measures should be taken. It was noted that citizens suffering from scabies can use sulfur soap as well as scavenger and tea tree cream.

„We’ve been seeing a huge increase in scabies recently“

Koray Özkılıç, who works as a herbalist in Eskişehir, said that they have observed an increase in scabies recently. Expressing that the sales of sulfur soap have increased accordingly, Özkılıç said, “We have been observing a great increase in scabies recently. Unfortunately, the solution is very difficult, and doctors cannot find a definitive solution to it. Even if all household items are washed, if you forget a sweater you wore while you were sleeping and you wear it again, the disease continues from where it left off. We are trying to help citizens with sulfur soaps and creams. Of course, this does not solve the problem 100%, but it reduces the itching a little. Of course, sales of sulphurous soaps increased accordingly. In addition to these, we also give the basil grass and tea tree cream. Sulfur soap reduces the itching desire and suppresses the scabies microbe in the skin.

What is scabies?

Scabies is an infestation caused by microscopic eight-legged mites. In this disease, the females of the scabies lay their eggs in the outer layers of the skin. The mites lay their eggs on the skin, causing an allergic reaction on the skin, severe itching and rash.

How is scabies transmitted?

Scabies is typically spread by skin-to-skin contact that lasts long enough for the mites to pass from one person to another. It can also spread through shared personal items such as bedding or towels. It can also easily spread between family members and sexual partners. A normal handshake or hug is not a suitable method for the transmission of the scabies mite. The scabies mite is a very slow crawling creature, it cannot jump, fly. Scabies can be seen in places where cleaning conditions are not ideal and people are close to each other for a long time. Anyone can get scabies, but sexually active adults with multiple partners, prison inmates, people in institutional care, people living in crowded conditions, and people in care facilities for children or the elderly are among the groups most at risk of contracting scabies.

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Demand for sulfur soap has increased as a result of the rise in scabies cases, according to local herbal shops in Turkey. Scabies is caused by microscopic mites that lay their eggs on human skin, causing a severe allergic reaction, rash and itching. The disease can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact or by sharing personal items such as bedding or towels. While sulfur soap and tea tree cream can reduce itching and suppress scabies microbes on the skin, scabies is notoriously difficult to treat and doctors cannot always find definitive solutions. It is more common in sexually active adults with multiple partners, people living in crowded conditions, and people in care facilities for children or the elderly.

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