Tourism activity has started in Limni Lake Nature Park

The crater lake, from which it takes its name, draws attention with its surrounding Scots pine, spruce and fir forests. Limni Lake Nature ParkIt is located at the foot of Zigana Mountain, 45 kilometers away from Gümüşhane city center.

The nature park, which is covered with snow for a long time during the winter months, offers nature lovers the opportunity to have a pleasant time around the lake and under the shade of the trees.

Yavuz Küçük, one of the visitors, said that he came to Limni for the third time and loved it more every time he came.

Drawing attention to the calmness and beauty of nature, Küçük said, „This place is very beautiful. It is a lake between the hills with green and yellow trees. It is a very beautiful, refreshing, relaxing place, I come with pleasure. We wanted to come before the summer season starts and before it gets crowded. We recommend it to everyone. Flowers „It is about to open, too, and it has a different beauty right now,“ he said.

Tourism activity has started in Limni Lake Nature Park - 2

Nuray Küçük, who came to the lake for the first time, stated that she loved nature very much and said, „Everywhere in the Black Sea is already very beautiful. We were also curious about Lake Limni, we found the beautiful weather, so we said, ‚Let’s go up from the mountains, see what it is like.‘ „I never thought I would find such a beautiful place in the middle of such mountains,“ he said.

Palestinian Yasemin Ejjawi also stated that people in Turkey treat them very well and said, „I live in Abu Dhabi. I came to Turkey to travel. I watch Turkish TV series, so I learned Turkish. This place is very beautiful, the view is beautiful, everything is wonderful.“ used.

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The Limni Lake Nature Park, located at the foot of Zigana Mountain in Gümüşhane, Turkey, is a serene and picturesque destination surrounded by Scots pine, spruce, and fir forests. This beautiful park is covered in snow during the winter months, offering visitors the chance to enjoy the stunning landscape and tranquility of the lake.

Visitors like Yavuz Küçük express their love for Limni Lake, emphasizing the calmness and beauty of the natural surroundings. Nuray Küçük, who visited the lake for the first time, was amazed by the beauty of the Black Sea region and the unexpected discovery of such a magical place amidst the mountains.

Even foreign visitors, like Palestinian Yasemin Ejjawi, appreciate the warm hospitality they receive in Turkey and are in awe of the stunning views at Limni Lake Nature Park.

Overall, Limni Lake Nature Park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful escape surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

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