Restoration of Divriği Grand Mosque and Hospital has been completed

in Sivas Divriği Grand Mosque and HospitalRestoration work has been completed in. Sivas According to the statement made by the Governorship, the 800-year-old historical Divriği Grand Mosque and Hospital, described as the „Alhambra of Anatolia“, will be opened on Monday, May 6, with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s video conference system connection.

Sivas Governor Yılmaz Şimşek inspected the Divriği Grand Mosque and Hospital, where he closely followed the restoration process.

Stating that the meticulous and comprehensive restoration works have been successfully completed, Şimşek said, „I would like to thank our President, our ministers, our members of parliament, all the employees, from engineers to workers, and our relevant institutions who contributed to the restoration of this unique work.“ he said.

In the Divriği Grand Mosque and Hospital, the restoration of which started in 2015, operations such as roof replacement, laser cleaning, injection system and strengthening work were carried out.

190 buildings around the mosque were expropriated and landscaping was carried out.

Restoration of Divriği Grand Mosque and Hospital has been completed - 2

Divriği Grand Mosque, built in 1228 by Ahmed Shah, the son of Ruler Suleiman Shah, during the Mengücekoğulları period, one of the Anatolian principalities, has an area of ​​1280 square meters, and the hospital next to the mosque, built by Behram Shah’s daughter Melike Turan Melek in the same year, is located on an area of ​​768 square meters.

Divriği Grand Mosque and Hospital, which is considered an important work in terms of faith and history tourism, attracts attention with its architectural style. The work, which is seen as the „Alhambra of Anatolia“ by European scientists because it resembles the Alhambra Palace, one of the most important works of Islamic architecture in Granada, Spain, impresses architects and engineers, especially art historians, with its architectural structure. .

The Darüşşifa crown gate, the north and west crown gate of the mosque, and the Shah Mahfili crown gate are each dazzling with their unique decorations.

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