The result of caring about the audience’s reaction in my brothers series was very bad! / Detay – The ratings of the series My Brothers are falling, the reaction to the story continues to increase.
My Brothers series is broadcast on ATVs on Saturday evenings, but the old days of high ratings are now over.

It is a big surprise for the fans of My Brothers TV series to see the ratios of 6 in the category of all people who have the potential to rise up to double-digit ratings for a period.

We can say that the loss of viewers became clear with the 84th episode aired on Saturday, April 1st. The reaction of the viewers to the TV series „My Brothers“, which lost in all rating groups, is also reflected on social media.

In the series, there are many viewers who think that the story has turned into repetitive events and that there is no longer an interesting point.

Some series fans share their thoughts that the lack of Asiye and Doruk scenes is the reason for this. Everyone is wondering what the results would be if the screenwriters fictionalized the series on the story of AsDor.

With its 91st episode, my Brothers TV series came in second in all people and ABC1 groups, after Gönül Mountain. He finished fourth in the EU group.

Of course, it continues to be one of the most successful productions of Saturday evenings, but we also witness that the interest of the audience has decreased in the third season compared to the previous 2 seasons.

Things can get tough for the My Brothers project if the screenwriters don’t make a major transformational move in the story that could impress the audience.

Let us remind you that the series has a large fan base in many countries such as Spain.

We even witnessed how great interest Onur Seyit Yaran and finally Yiğit Koçak received during their travels to Spain. In this environment, there is a chance for the screenwriters to pick up the series. If these recovery steps are not taken, even lower ratings and the threat of greater criticism for this great success of 3 seasons are in sight.

The motivation to continue in the fourth season of the series My Brothers seems to depend on the screenwriters‘ making a serious transformation in the story and affecting the audience, in terms of attracting great attention abroad, especially in Spain, with very good viewing rates.


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The Turkish TV series, My Brothers, is experiencing a decline in ratings and increased criticism from viewers due to repetitive plotlines. Fans have expressed disappointment with the absence of important characters, Asiye and Doruk, and are calling for a more interesting storyline. Despite being successful in previous seasons, the show is struggling to maintain its audience. With a large fanbase in Spain, producers must make significant changes in the story to keep the show relevant and avoid further criticism. The fate of the show’s fourth season may depend on these changes.

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