The meeting of the General Assembly of the Assembly was suspended due to the fact that the employees did not work overtime.

The meeting of the General Assembly of the Assembly of the Republic was interrupted at 16.00 because the employees were not able to work overtime.

During the speech of CTP Deputy Erkut Şahali, Parliament Speaker Zorlu Töre announced that he took a 10-minute break from the session after the parliamentary staff in the hall left their posts due to KTAMS‘ decision not to work overtime.

Independent Member of Parliament Ayşegül Baybars, who took the floor before the break, took the floor and said that the desired change is both tender and energy and water policies.

Pointing out the importance of energy and water policies in the island countries, Baybars stated that what they expect from the government is to put forth energy policies in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Noting that when they were asked who we are making this change for, Baybars said that it is not a personal arrangement, Baybars said that the change introduced today is for the extension of the contract signed with AKSA.

Explaining that it is necessary not to continue the mistakes made in previous years in energy policies, Baybars noted that another problematic item paved the way for making a contract of 50 million dollars without going to tender.

Pointing out the importance of tenders in areas such as energy and water that should be controlled by the public, Baybars stated that the tender procedures are also in the middle.

Baybars emphasized that what is wanted to be done is not the right method and stated that this draft law is also problematic in terms of the Constitution.

CTP Deputy Erkut Şahali said that the main name of the law under discussion is “AKSA Law”.

Şahali noted that while there was a chance to move forward with AKSA for 3 more years and to see what kind of energy market was formed in the period when the contract was terminated, this was avoided.

Saying that AKSA came to the country during the UBP government and the adventure that started with 20 megawatts continued with 140 megawatts, Şahali said, “You may have two reasons when you are giving this gift to AKSA without a tender. Either you will eat healthy food from AKSA or you have eaten the zılgıcı, you will have to present these 15 years to AKSA as a gift,” he said.

Saying that the electricity from the Greek Cypriot Administration was sold to the citizens for years, Şahali summarized the next process.

During Şahali’s speech, Assembly President Zorlu Töre took a 10-minute break after the assembly staff in the hall left their posts due to KTAMS’s decision not to work overtime. PLUG

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The General Assembly of the Assembly of the Republic was interrupted due to the lack of overtime work by parliamentary staff. During the session, Independent MP Ayşegül Baybars emphasized the need for efficient and environmentally friendly energy policies and criticized the current AKSA Law. CTP Deputy Erkut Şahali also spoke and referred to the law as the „AKSA Law“. He argued that there was a missed opportunity to see the energy market landscape before renewing the contract with AKSA. The Assembly President called for a break after the staff left their posts due to KTAMS‘ decision not to work overtime.

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