Supreme Court sends the case of pedophiles-officials for reconsideration

In the Khorezm region, the case of two officials having sex with children of an orphanage and receiving a very light punishment for this will be re-examined at the appellate court. The Supreme Court satisfied the protest of the prosecutor’s office in this regard. The sentence of 5.5 years of imprisonment given to the co-director remains unchanged.


Oybek Masharipov, the former head of the Khorezm regional justice department, and Anvar Kuryazov, the former head of the Yangarik district emergency situations department, will be prosecuted separately.

They had sex with children of the family orphanage in Urganch. The Khiva district court sentenced the head of the orphanage to 5.5 years of imprisonment, and the two state officials were sentenced to 1.5 years of restriction of liberty (staying at home at night).

All three defendants appealed to the Khorezm regional court, and on December 27, 2022, the appellate court left the sentence unchanged.

After the incident became public and the light punishment caused a stir, the Supreme Court announced that no complaints had been received on the case as of April 1, and the PGO considered the light punishment of the two former officials and announced that a protest was filed on March 29. On Monday, April 3, the Supreme Court announced that it accepted the protest.

Today, April 6, the criminal trial panel of the Supreme Court annulled the part of the December 27 ruling regarding Masharipov and Kuryazov. After reviewing the cassation protest of the Khorezm regional prosecutor’s office to resend the case to the appellate instance in a closed court session, it was approved.

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The case of two officials who were convicted for having sex with children at an orphanage in Uzbekistan’s Khorezm region is to be re-examined after the sentence received a protest from the prosecutor’s office. Previously, one of the co-directors received a sentence of five and a half years in prison while the officials received a „light sentence“ of one and a half years of restriction of liberty. The case became more widely known, leading to a recent protest from the prosecutor’s office, with the Supreme Court agreeing to a re-examination of the case.

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