Exciting Events in Astana This Weekend

ASTANA — As the days get longer in spring, people are eager to attend more interesting events. The Astana Times has picked the top things to see and do this weekend.

Astana. Photo credit: time.kz.

Immersive digital exhibition, Italian Renaissance – Eternal Beauty, on April 4-28.

The National Museum of Kazakhstan is hosting an immersive digital exhibition, Italian Renaissance – Eternal Beauty, a joint cultural cooperation project between Italy and Kazakhstan.

Photo credit: Embassy of Italy in Kazakhstan.

The exhibition features 28 masterpieces by Italian Renaissance artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello Sanzio, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sandro Botticelli, Andrea Mantegna, Tiziano Vecelli, and Masaccio.

The reproduced masterpieces of Italian Renaissance art with an anthology of paintings are shown on the walls of the National Museum using four projectors.

The exhibitions were also held in several Italian and international museums in Rome, Genoa, Taipei, and Singapore.

Venue: National Museum of Kazakhstan; 54, Tauelsizdik Avenue. Tickets are available on ticketon.kz.

Garage Fest spring fair on April 8-9.

Photo credit: Instagram @garage.fest.

Garage Fest spring fair will delight you with a great variety of unique goods ranging from home décor to craft candles and handmade chocolate. The best DJs in the capital will add additional entertainment with music during the shopping.

There will also be an opportunity to participate in a charity lottery with many cool prizes to help animal shelters.

Address: Keruen shopping mall; 9, Dostyq Street. Entry is free.

Exhibition: Kazakh Map on Historical Maps: Structure of Space and Territories on April 8-30.

This exhibition will feature 26 historical maps compiled by European, American and Russian cartographers from the 16th century to the 20th century, which show and record the current territories of Kazakhstan.

Photo credit: Facebook page/Qazaqstan Respýblıkasinyń Ulttyq mýzeıı.

The maps are presented from the personal collection of State Counselor Erlan Karin and will enable the visitors to travel back in time.

The maps are not only unique as sources of historical information about the geography of our country but also as works of cartographic art and visualization.

Entrance to the museum is free every third Sunday of the month.

Address: National Museum of Kazakhstan; 54, Tauelsizdik Avenue. Tickets are available here.

Performance of the French group Arts Rush on April 9

As part of the Francophone Spring, organized by the Embassy of France in Kazakhstan, this year all fans of theatrical art will witness a grand performance of the French collective Ruée des Arts with the famous production “Costard” for the first time at the Astana Ballet theater.

Photo credit: Astana Ballet.

Costard evokes the topic of human appearance and presents it from the perspective of the person’s attitude towards their external image and the way people look at others and themselves.

The event will also feature a one-act ballet, “Salome.” This is not only a tragic story, but a reflection of good and evil and the fine line between them.

Venue: Astana Ballet; 9, Uly Dala Avenue. Tickets are available on astanaballet.com

Looking for Akmolinsk walking tour on April 9 at 2 p.m.

In 1862, the village of Akmolinsk received the status of a city, which initiated the story of Astana. The Kazakh capital is full of history and this excursion is a great opportunity to discover something new while walking the streets of the old and beautiful city.

Photo credit: Instagram @activetours_kz.

The tour will start at the Gorky Russian drama theater. More information is available here.

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The Astana Times has published a list of activities residents and tourists can attend in the Kazakh capital this weekend as the days get longer in spring. The activities include an immersive digital exhibition, Italian Renaissance – Eternal Beauty, at the National Museum of Kazakhstan; the Garage Fest spring fair; an exhibition of 26 historical maps compiled by European, American and Russian cartographers from 16th century to the 20th century, about the geographical structure of Kazakhstan; and a walking tour, ‘Looking for Akmolinsk’, around the city streets. Also featured is a performance of French group Arts Rush’s Costard and Salome, as part of the Francophone Spring.

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