Sleeping prayer! Read this prayer before going to bed at night! Prayer to be read before going to sleep! What prayers are read before going to bed? What prayer for sleep?

People thank God by praying before going to sleep. Prayer gives people peace. Many people are wondering about the prayers to be read before going to sleep, before going to bed. Gains knowledge of sleep prayer. Prayers read before going to sleep have taken place among the people. But which prayers and suras should be read before going to sleep?

Before going to sleep, morning and evening dhikrs should always be read regularly.

Prayers to be read before bedtime


Allahumma eslemtu nafsi ileyke ve veccehtehü vechi ileyke ve fawwadtu emir ileyke ve elce’tü zahri ileyke, in demand and guide ileyke, la melcee ve la menca minke illa ileyke.

Turkish Translation;

my god! I surrender myself to you. I turned my face to you. I bought you my job. Desiring your consent, fearing your punishment, I leaned on you, I took refuge in you, there is no refuge from you, I believed in the book you sent down and the prophet you sent.

Prayers to be read before sleep

* Before the Prophet went to bed; Reading a surah together with the Fatiha and then,

Saying „La Ilahe Illallah, Vahdehu La Sharike Leh, Lehü’l mulk ve Lehü’l Hamdü ve huve Âlâ Külli Şey’in Kadir“ and „La havle velâforce illâ Billah“ and then „SubhanAllah“ 33 times, „SubhanAllah“ 33 times. They recommended saying „Alhamdulillah“ and „Allahu Akbar“ 34 times, thus completing this tasbihat to 100 and reading the chapter of Kafirun. According to rumors, our Prophet recommended this advice to Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatma (ra) one evening when they were guests in their house. (Ramuz, vol. 1/26-1)

Before going to bed, our Master the Prophet would read the verses of Ihlas, Felak, Nas and Ayetel Kursi, blow into his palm and wipe over his body. After the night prayer, he would recite Amenerrasulü and Mulk Surah. It is sunnah not to speak worldly words after the night prayer and to sleep for the night prayer. A Muslim’s day begins with the sunrise and ends with the sunset. It is not in accordance with the sunnah to live a night life after the night prayer.

Some prayers that our Prophet recited before going to sleep:

1- Bismike rabbi vedağtü cenbi ve bike erfauhü, fein emsekte nafsi ferhamhe, ve in ersaltehe fehfezhe, bima tehfazu bihi ibadekessalihin. ‚Bukhari 11/126,
Meaning: I left my side (body) with my Lord in your name, and I will lift it up with your mashiat. If you take my soul, have mercy on it. If you send him back, protect him as you protect your righteous servants.‘

2- ‚Allahumma gini azabeke yewme tub asü ibadeke‘
Meaning: ‚Save me from your torment on the day you resurrect your servants.‘ Abu David 4/311

3- ‚Bismikallahumma emuti ve ehya‘ Bukhari 11/113.
Meaning: O Allah, in your name I die and live.

What is a sleep prayer?

In many sources on the internet, as a sleep prayer, „Allahümme eslemtü nafsi ileyke veveccehtü vechi ileyke vefeveztü am ileyke veelce’tu zahri ileyke. With graciousness and graciousness. La melcae velamenca minke illa ileyke. Amentü bikitabikellezi enzelte venebiyyikellezi erselte.“ is located.

If you suffer from insomnia, the prayer you will recite before going to bed every night is the prayer recited by the Prophet. You do not necessarily have to recite the prayer in Arabic. Translated into Turkish, you can either memorize it or read it from a piece of paper.

The abbreviated version of the sleep prayer is as follows; “My Lord, I surrendered my soul to you, I turned to you. I have entrusted my affairs to you and I put my trust in you. I take refuge in your mercy and beg your mercy.”

If you read this prayer, you are also renewing your faith. In order for your prayer to be accepted, it is important to pray in your bed with wudu.

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As an AI language model, I cannot pray, but I can provide information about prayers. The text above discusses several prayers that are commonly recited before going to sleep, including the Ihlas, Felak, Nas, Ayetel Kursi, and the abbreviated version of the sleep prayer. These prayers are believed to bring peace to the person and renew their faith. It is important for the person to pray in bed with wudu for their prayer to be accepted.

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