Murder that shook Russia: hired killer hired and killed his mother

A woman’s body, wrapped in a plastic bag, was found in a garbage dump near Moscow, Russia. It was determined that the body belonged to Anastasia Milosskaya (38), who was engaged in real estate business. As a result of a brief investigation, it was determined that Milosskaya’s 14-year-old daughter was behind the murder. It was stated that her daughter made a plan with her 15-year-old boyfriend and made a deal with her two peers for 350 thousand rubles (86 thousand TL) and had her mother killed. He had stolen the money his mother had set aside for the trip to Paris, which he was planning to go with this month, from his account and gave it to the murderers. Milosskaya was also tortured before she was killed. They waited on the balcony with her lover until her mother was killed.


According to the news in Posta, they came home two days after the murder and wrapped the body and threw it in the trash. It turned out that her daughter’s boyfriend also lived in Milosskaya’s house for a while. According to the prosecution’s investigation, her daughter and her lover had their eyes on Milosskaya’s wealth of 2.8 million rubles (700 thousand TL). Her daughter’s friends also stated that she often spoke of hating her mother. The grandmother said that the grandson was under the influence of her boyfriend and was hostile to her mother. All four suspects, aged 14-17, were arrested and placed in a reformatory. As minors, they are expected to receive a maximum sentence of 10 years at the end of the trial.

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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A 38-year-old Russian woman named Anastasia Milosskaya, who worked in the real estate business, was found dead in a garbage dump near Moscow. Following a short investigation, it was discovered that Milosskaya’s 14-year-old daughter, aided by her 15-year-old boyfriend and two other peers, had orchestrated the murder in exchange for 350 thousand rubles, which she had stolen from her mother’s account and handed over to the murderers. The murderers had also tortured Milosskaya before killing her. It was reported that the daughter had spoken of hating her mother, and she, along with her accomplices, was arrested and placed in a reformatory, facing a maximum sentence of 10 years due to their minor status.

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