Fire brigade responded to 12 fires and 33 incidents last week

Police firefighters extinguished 12 fires last week, and intervened in 33 different incidents.

Between 27 March and 2 April, 12 fires and 33 special service incidents occurred in the TRNC. As a result of the fires, approximately 1,945.00 TL of damage was incurred.

In the statement of the Fire Department, the possible causes of the aforementioned fires are “electrical short circuit, overheating of the overheated plastic pipe, the clothes left on the tumble dryer blocking the air inlet of the machine and igniting the clothes, the overturning of the electric stove, burning for cleaning purposes, the overheating of the electric water heater and before it goes out completely. igniting the nylon of the discarded cigarette butt”.

Special service incidents that the fire brigade intervenes in; „Rescuing the persons trapped in the room and falling into the basement with the elevator, rescuing the cats trapped in the engine compartment of the vehicle, rescuing the lamb that fell into the well, special duty, giving fire training, taking precautions against fire, ensuring road safety, removing the persons trapped in the vehicle as a result of a traffic accident and It was announced as the provision of the transfer to the hospital by ambulance and the transfer of the persons who lost their lives to the state hospital morgue for the purpose of judicial investigation.

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Last week, 12 fires and 33 special service incidents occurred in the TRNC, resulting in approximately 1,945.00 TL of damage. The possible causes of the fires were electrical short circuits, overheating, clothing left on tumble dryers blocking air inlets, overturned electric stoves, burning for cleaning purposes, overheating water heaters and discarded cigarette butts igniting nylon. The special service incidents included rescuing trapped individuals and animals, providing fire training, taking fire precautions, ensuring road safety, and transferring individuals to hospitals or morgues for judicial investigations.

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