List of places to visit in Serbia… Where is Serbia, what is the currency?

Serbia is among the European countries that attract tourists from different countries. Art and history museums, natural beauties and famous streets are among the tourist attractions of the country. Here is what you need to know about Serbia…


The country, officially the Republic of Serbia, is located in Southeast Europe at the intersection of the Pannonia Plain and the Balkans. It is surrounded by Hungary in the north, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the west, Montenegro in the southwest, North Macedonia in the south, Romania and Bulgaria in the east. The country’s entire border with Albania remains in the disputed Kosovo area. Serbia has a population of 7 million. Its capital and largest city is Belgrade.

Serbian dinar is used in the country as of today. 1 Serbian dinar is 15 kuruş.


1-Museum of Natural History Admin Office, Belgrade

2-Serbian National Museum

3-Nikola Tesla Museum

4- Zemun Region

5-Knez Mihailova Street

7-Terazije Meydan

8-Stone Square



11-Gardos In this

12-Museum of Contemporary Art (Muzej Savremene Umetnosti)

13-African Art Museum

14-Ada Ciganlija

15- Public Aquarium and Tropicarium Belgrade

Things to do in Belgrade - What to do in Belgrade? To do list

Things to do in Belgrade – What to do in Belgrade? To do list

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This article provides information about Serbia and its tourist attractions. The country is situated in Southeast Europe and shares borders with Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, and Bulgaria. Its capital and largest city is Belgrade. The Serbian dinar is the official currency of the country, with 1 Serbian dinar being equivalent to 15 kuruş. The article also presents a list of popular tourist destinations in Serbia, including the Museum of Natural History Admin Office, Serbian National Museum, Nikola Tesla Museum, Knez Mihailova Street, Stone Square, Kalemegdan, and Ada Ciganlija, among others. Additionally, the article features an image and caption about things to do in Belgrade.

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