It may be the easiest and cheapest holiday trend: Do nothing vacation.

You’ve started making travel plans, but you’re unsure of where to go or what type of trip to do. Then meet the new holiday trend that will rewrite your plans: Doing nothing.

Before creating your travel route, be sure to check out the most popular holiday trends. Maybe you don’t need to „do anything“ for your dream holiday. In recent years, relaxation has become a priority for holidaymakers. According to the news of the US-based Wall Street Journal, the holiday trend called „do-nothing vacation“ is becoming increasingly popular.
The days when you shared dozens of posts on social media accounts can be replaced by holidays where you calmly watch the sunset. Shane Mahoney, owner of a luxury travel company based in Florida, says 80 percent of vacationers „just want to relax.“ It is stated that holidaymakers prefer activities such as spending time on the beach or chocolate tasting instead of helicopter tours or paragliding.
In a survey, respondents were asked the biggest reason for traveling and „rest and relaxation“ came in first. In the survey results, „having fun time“ and „being with family“ remained in the background for holidaymakers. Whether you are at home or in a hotel on this „do nothing“ holiday. The essence of this holiday trend is to relax and enjoy the moment.
In the survey conducted by the research company Longwoods International, „rest and relaxation“ was the choice of 21 percent of holidaymakers. It is stated that the „doing nothing“ trend started during the pandemic period when we did not leave the house and travel was limited.
World-famous hotel chains seem to have adapted to this trend. Special portfolios are offered for those who prefer calmness and relaxation for a stress-free holiday. Spa and massage experiences that relax both soul and body also attract the attention of holidaymakers. Private Turkish bath, sauna and different types of massage experiences are the first choice of those who want to relax without doing anything.

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This new trend of „do nothing vacation“ is gaining popularity among holidaymakers who prioritize relaxation and stress-free experiences. Instead of planning a packed itinerary with activities and sightseeing, many people are now opting for holidays where they can simply relax and enjoy the moment.

According to surveys, the biggest reason for traveling for many people is to rest and relax, with activities like spending time on the beach or indulging in spa experiences becoming the preferred choices. This trend seems to have emerged during the pandemic period when travel was limited, and people are now embracing the idea of taking a break and focusing on self-care.

World-famous hotel chains are also adapting to this trend by offering special packages and experiences that promote relaxation and wellness. From spa treatments to Turkish baths, holidaymakers are finding ways to unwind and rejuvenate without feeling the pressure to constantly be doing something.

So, if you’re looking for a holiday that allows you to do nothing and simply recharge your batteries, consider jumping on this trend and giving yourself the gift of relaxation.

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