Extraordinary meeting in the parliament suspended

The General Assembly of the Assembly, which convened extraordinarily to discuss the Draft Public Procurement (Amendment) Law, suspended the session at 14.30 on the grounds that the speaker acted contrary to the Assembly’s Bylaws.


CTP Deputy Devrim Barçın, who took the floor during the speeches made before the break, noted that they wholeheartedly greet the employees of El-Sen and Kıb-Tek, who protect their country and institutions.

Asking why the Minister of Economy and Energy, Erhan Arıklı, answered while the Minister of Economy and Energy did not remain silent about the criticism of the Prime Minister, Barçın criticized Arıklı that it paved the way for non-tender purchases.

Stating that all non-tender purchases will be held accountable in front of the public, Barçın criticized Prime Minister Ünal Üstel’s failure to come to the Parliament and not answer questions.

Barçın, who gave examples of non-tender fuel purchases in the past and read the reports of the Court of Accounts on this subject, criticized Prime Minister Ünal Üstel and Minister of Public Works and Transport Erhan Arıklı, both criticizing „there is a tender mafia“ and pointing out that purchases were made without tenders.

Stating that they will advance the reports of the Court of Accounts to the end and everyone involved in these non-tender purchases will be prosecuted, Devrim Barçın expressed in figures how much the country has suffered in non-tender fuel purchases.

„While my pensioner is thinking about how to live with the money in his pocket, it is obvious how those who say that there is a tender mafia harm the state,“ he said.

Barçın stated that the 150 million TL payment made for non-tender fuel should be clarified, whoever is guilty in this matter should be found and punished, and invited everyone, especially the Prosecutor’s Office.


In his speech to Devrim Barçın, Minister of Public Works and Transport, Erhan Arıklı, pointed out that corruption in Kıb-Tek has been going on for years and stated that 36 thousand Euros were paid for 18 vehicles that were put out to tender in 2006 during the CTP government.

Recounting another incident in Kıb-Tek in 2018 and reading a speech by İsmet Akim, one of the former chairman of the board of Kıb-Tek, about corruption, Arıklı said that they will answer other issues as appropriate.


CTP Deputy Ceyhun Birinci also stated that the CTP has never advocated wrongdoing or theft in this country, adding that the reports of the Court of Accounts have been submitted to the Parliament of the Republic, that they will be examined and the criminals will be punished.

Expressing that it is obvious how much damage the state has inflicted on Kıb-Tek, first emphasized that it is unacceptable to bypass the tender for the sake of someone’s income.

Criticizing the extraordinary convening of the Assembly while the country was on fire, İlker noted that it is unacceptable to rush the issue and donate Kıb-Tek to a company while there is time.

Indicating that the institution suffered a loss of 150 million TL in the supply and transportation of the fuel used in the power plants, Lider explained that the public health was also endangered by the poor quality fuel brought to the country.

First, referring to the issue of non-tender fuel purchases, said that the damage caused by the fuel purchased without a tender, the breakdown of the power plants and the money paid for the electricity purchased in Southern Cyprus amounted to 205 million TL.

Noting that what is intended to be done is to change the Public Procurement Law, and that the institution will be further damaged by address delivery practices, first argued that the audit will disappear after the Tender Commission is ruled out.

Pointing out that the CTP and CTP deputies, who are accused of „rumorism“, have been proven by documents, he said, „If unit investments had been made in the past, the country would not need AKSA today.“

First, “I hope that we will not hand over the health system to others after a while. A government does not transfer its institutions to companies, it invests and retains it. We have time, it can be invested. Why are we giving it to AKSA right away?” he said.

After reading the report presented by the CTP in the committee where the Public Procurement Law was discussed, first said that the reason why the government wanted to inflict damage should be disclosed to the public.

First, by asking, “Is the Parliament convened in an Extraordinary order to save time for AKSA?”, stating that Prime Minister Ünal Üstel wanted to be deceived by the statements that other companies could apply for the tender, and noted that no one would believe them anymore.

First, he told the government that the people, workers and workers should do what is necessary, taking into account the realities of the country as soon as possible, and that the law that was introduced as if there was a state of emergency should be withdrawn.


CTP Deputy Armağan Canadan, who took the floor, started to play the audio recording of Ferdi Sabit Soyer’s statement on the processes with AKSA in 2010, before he started his speech, which caused controversy.

Upon the objection to the event on the grounds that it was against the bylaws, the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Fazilet Özdenefe, who chaired the session, interrupted the session for 10 minutes.


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The General Assembly of the Assembly held an extraordinary session to discuss the Draft Public Procurement (Amendment) Law. The session was suspended due to the speaker acting contrary to the Assembly’s Bylaws. During the session, various deputies took the floor to express their concerns about corruption in the state-owned electricity company Kıb-Tek and non-tender fuel purchases. They criticized Prime Minister Ünal Üstel and Minister of Public Works and Transport Erhan Arıklı for their statements about a „tender mafia“ and bypassing tenders for personal gain. The deputies emphasized the need to hold those responsible accountable and prevent further damage to the institution. The session was briefly interrupted when a deputy played an audio recording of a controversial statement from Ferdi Sabit Soyer.

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