„Cookie Monster“ operation in 17 countries: A blow to the password network

The hackers were operated simultaneously in 17 countries. It is stated that the world’s largest password stealing network has been crashed.

An operation was carried out on the network called „Genesis Marketplace“, which steals passwords used by users on sites such as facebook, paypal, amazon and netflix.
The operation, called „Cookie Monster“, was organized by the British and German police, under the leadership of the FBI.
200 searches were made in 17 different countries, 120 people were detained. It was announced that the network has more than 80 million user accounts, which have been stolen from more than 2 million people.
It is stated that hackers are selling their stolen accounts on the dark web.

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Source Link: UZAY35/CNN/NTV/TRT

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A major international operation has resulted in the dismantling of the world’s largest password stealing network, which was active in 17 countries. Called „Genesis Marketplace,“ the network targeted user accounts on sites including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and PayPal. The operation, dubbed „Cookie Monster,“ was led by the FBI with the assistance of German and UK police. It saw 200 searches conducted across 17 countries, and 120 people arrested. The network had stolen the details of over 80 million user accounts from around 2 million individuals, with the accounts being sold on the dark web.

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