After the earthquakes, the water of the waterfall in Kahramanmaraş dried up

Saraycık District Headman Aslan Yaşar said that the water coming out of the area where the waterfall is located is used both for irrigation and for drinking.

Yaşar said, “There were dozens of small holes on the rock. Water was gushing from it. In the spring water flowed from above. The first earthquake was the small earthquake for us. The big earthquake for us is the Elbistan earthquake. After the first earthquake, almost dark brown water flowed. It was completely cut off after the second earthquake. There is no water leakage from anywhere,“ he said.

Stating that 100 acres of land is also irrigated with the water coming from the region, but the lands will be dehydrated if the water is cut off, Yaşar stated that there are generally apple orchards in the region.

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Source Link: NTV/CNN

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The water from a waterfall in Saraycık District in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, which is used for drinking and irrigation, has dried up after two earthquakes. Aslan Yaşar, the district headman, said that the first earthquake was small, but the second earthquake cut off the water completely. Not only is the loss of water a problem for drinking and irrigation, but it also puts 100 acres of apple orchards at risk of dehydration.

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