Where is Istanbul Zeytinburnu Kazlicesme Fatih Mosque? How to Get to Fatih Mosque? Things to Know About Fatih Mosque

Where is Fatih Mosque?

Fatih Mosque and Complex is located in Fatih district in Istanbul and II. It is a mosque and complex built by Mehmed. There are sixteen madrasas, darüşşifa, tabhane, maret, Turkish bath and library in the complex. It was built on one of the city’s seven hills.

After the Fatih Mosque was destroyed in the earthquake in 1766, it was restored and took its present form in 1771. Within the scope of the 1999 Gölcük Earthquake, slips were detected on the ground. Ground restoration and strengthening works were started in 2008 by the General Directorate of Foundations in Fatih Mosque, and it was reopened for worship in 2012.

What is the History and Restoration Process of Fatih Mosque?

Fatih Mosque is a mosque that bears the title of the first mosque built after the conquest of Istanbul. Fatih Mosque is a mosque built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet after the conquest of Istanbul. Fatih Mosque was badly damaged in a great earthquake in 1766. This mosque was restored and opened in 1971, losing its feature.

In the Gölcük earthquake, slippage occurred on the underside of this structure. For this reason, the worship was suspended for a while. In 2012, the worship continued after it was restored. The architect of the Fatih Mosque was Atik Sinan. There are great differences between the first time this mosque was built and its current state. In addition, Fatih Mosque is the mosque where the first Turkish prayer was read.

How to go to Fatih Mosque?

Fatih Mosque is located in Fatih district of Istanbul province. People who plan to go to Fatih mosque by private vehicle should come from Karaköy and cross the Galata bridge. On the other hand, if you pass to Atatürk Boulevard from the Golden Horn side, you can easily find the mosque by following the signs. People who want to go to this area by means of public transport can go to Fatih Mosque with the buses departing from Yavuz Selim and Eminönü stops.

What to Know About

The dome, which is the center of Fatih Mosque, is located on four elephant feet. The circumference of the central dome emerges surrounded by a semi-dome. There are full and half domes around the half dome. Ablution faucets are also located in this area. Considering the scope of the Fatih mosque, there are two minarets with two balconies. The sections up to the balcony side of the minarets of the mosque constitute the parts found before the earthquake that took place in 1771. The stone ears of the Fatih Mosque were built during the reign of Abdulhamid II.

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The article is about Fatih Mosque, a mosque and historical complex located in Istanbul’s Fatih district. It was built by Mehmed II and includes sixteen madrasas, a darüşşifa (hospital), tabhane (school), maret (marketplace), Turkish bath, and library. The mosque was destroyed in an earthquake in 1766 and restored in 1771. In 1999, the Gölcük Earthquake caused slips on the ground beneath the mosque, leading to restoration and strengthening work that was completed in 2012. The article also provides information on how to get to Fatih Mosque and its architectural features, such as the dome and minarets.

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