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1- Protecting people;

We often underestimate the value of living comfortably in a safe and economically stable environment. Safety is the key to well-being at every stage of daily life.

2- Developing partnerships;

Dialogue and cooperation are essential for the development of peaceful relations and stronger international understanding.

NATO offers a unique opportunity for partner and member countries to consult on security issues to build trust and, in the long term, prevent conflict.

Through practical cooperation and multilateral initiatives, countries are confronting new security threats together.

3- Fighting new threats

As the nature of threats changes, peacekeeping methods will also change. NATO is adapting its defense capabilities in line with current threats.

It adapts its forces and develops multinational approaches to deal with other threats, such as terrorism, failed states, and weapons of mass destruction.

4- To ensure peace and stability

The benefits of stability can be enjoyed by many at the same time. It is extremely important to ensure stability in regions where tensions pose a threat.

For this reason, NATO plays an active role in crisis management operations in cooperation with other international organizations.

NATO meeting


Germany – 1955
United States – 1949
Albania – 2009
Belgium – 1949
United Kingdom – 1949
Bulgaria – 2004
Czech Republic – 1999
Denmark – 1949
Estonia – 2004
France – 1949
Finland – 2023
Croatia – 2009
Netherlands – 1949
Spain – 1982
Italy – 1949
Iceland – 1949
Canada – 1949
Montenegro – 2017
North Macedonia – 2020
Latvia – 2004
Lithuania – 2004
Luxembourg – 1949
Hungary – 1999
Norway – 1949
Poland – 1999
Portugal – 1949
Romania – 2004
Slovakia – 2004
Slovenia – 2004
Türkiye – 1952
Greece – 1952

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The purpose of NATO is to protect people, develop partnerships, fight new threats, and ensure peace and stability. NATO member countries work together to consult on security issues, build trust, prevent conflicts, adapt defense capabilities to current threats, and play an active role in crisis management operations. Currently, 30 countries are members of NATO.

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