What is Kerahat Time, When is it? Why Prayer Is Not Performed During Kerahat Time?

Why Prayer Is Not Performed Within the Scope of Kerahat Times?

Kerahat times refer to the time periods in which worship is considered makruh in Islam. The most important reason why worshiping or performing prayers during kerahat times is considered makruh by religion is explained as not being likened to those who worship the sun. The fact that the sun is present at the time of sunrise, sunset and at the points where it is right on the top is due to the worship of fire and sun as well as the fire of many communities that perished in the past periods.

What are the Times of Kerahat?

The times when it is considered makruh to perform all obligatory and supererogatory prayers are divided into three groups. These groups can be listed as follows:

The morning time, from the sunrise to the dazzling level of the sun’s rays, is expressed as the time of kerahat. This time is a period of 45-50 minutes following the sunrise.

Looking at the second kerahat time, it is the moment when the sun, also called the time of istiva, is at the apex of the sky. It is considered makruh to pray during this time, since it takes place within the ten-minute time frame, which is approximately before the time of the noon prayer.

The time after the afternoon, when the sun turns yellow and not dazzling, and continues until the sun sets, is also the time of kerahat. As a saying for love, the afternoon prayers should not be delayed until the sun’s rays turn yellow. It should not be left to the time of kerahat. This corresponds to the time period that starts 45 to 50 minutes before the sunset and the evening prayer time.

What Should Be Done During Kerahat Times?

Kerahat times can also be evaluated as a preparation time for current worship, and individuals who want to worship can evaluate their time by making dhikr or repenting during these times.

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