Vincenzo Montella: I am proud of my children

Montella said in a statement, „Congratulations to my football players. We were close to scoring against Galatasaray in 75 minutes. We watched the match. But unfortunately we lost.“ said.

Galatasaray 2-0 Adana Demirspor MATCH SUMMARY

Galatasaray 2-0 Adana Demirspor MATCH SUMMARY

Montella said: „I’m proud of my kids. Everyone fought until the end. Jorge Morel played different positions but was very good. He performed very well against Mauro Icardi and Nicolo Zaniolo. I still believe our dreams come true.“ used his statements.

He also said, „It’s a different game in the last twenty minutes. Their substitutions seem to have been more effective, but I don’t think so. Emre Akbaba ran for two and was very tired. I was going to pull out Henry Onyekuru before he got injured. I don’t attribute the loss to our substitutions.“ he said.

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Vincenzo Montella, the manager of Adana Demirspor, expressed his pride in his team despite their 2-0 loss to Galatasaray. Montella congratulated his players for their efforts and stated that they were close to scoring before Galatasaray’s substitutions had an impact on the game. He praised Jorge Morel for his versatility in playing different positions and said that he still believes their dreams can come true. Montella also denied that the loss was caused by their substitutions and noted that Emre Akbaba’s efforts left him tired. He intended to remove Henry Onyekuru before his injury.

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