Turns out it was a Periscope phenomenon! Kismetse Olur Cansel’s life was wondered!

Cansel attracted attention with her assertive statements in the cast of the Kismetse Olur The Power of Love competition. Participants in the popular competition program attracted attention in a short time. But it happens if there is a chance, The Power of Love Who is Cansel, how old is she, what is her instagram address?

The Power of Love Who Is Cansel?

It is estimated that Cansel Ayanoğlu is a Bulgarian immigrant. He was born in 1997. He is 25 years old today. Saying that she is a Leo, Cansel Ayanoğlu stated that she likes the color pink very much. She stated that she works as an esthetician. She lives in Istanbul. „What I look for in a man is handsomeness and intelligence. Well, it can’t be done without money. Materiality is very important to me. He should be a man and possess me. I like jealousy.“ she used the expressions. Continuing to share with the name cansel.ayanoglu on Instagram, Cansel Ayanoğlu has 4503 followers on this channel. She receives intense praise from her followers on social media with her style. Cansel Ayanoğlu, who is highly praised on social media with her animal lover personality, has a dog.

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Cansel Ayanoğlu is a participant in the Kismetse Olur The Power of Love competition. She is estimated to be a Bulgarian immigrant and was born in 1997, making her 25 years old. She works as an esthetician and lives in Istanbul. In terms of her preferences, Cansel mentioned that she likes handsome and intelligent men who are also possessive and jealous. Materiality is also important to her. On Instagram, she goes by the name cansel.ayanoglu, and has 4503 followers. She is highly praised on social media for her style and her love for animals. She has a dog as a pet.

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