Turkey reviews quake readiness in anticipation of expected earthquakes | DW News

Last month’s devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have raised urgent questions about building safety in the megatropolis …

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of Istanbul. Despite its location in a seismically active region, Istanbul has a population of more than 15 million people and is home to thousands of buildings that were built before modern earthquake-resistant standards were put in place.

Experts warn that many of these buildings, particularly those constructed before the 1990s, are at risk of collapsing in the event of a major earthquake. According to a report by the Istanbul Chamber of Architects, approximately 70 percent of Istanbul’s buildings were constructed without proper seismic safety measures, and an estimated 6 million people are living in buildings that are at high risk of collapse.

The recent earthquakes have highlighted the urgent need for Istanbul’s authorities to take action to improve building safety. This includes retrofitting existing buildings with seismic-resistant technology, enforcing stricter regulations for new construction, and educating the public about earthquake preparedness.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has already announced a plan to retrofit 1,500 buildings each year, and the Turkish government has pledged over $30 billion towards earthquake resilience projects over the next decade. However, experts say that these efforts may not be enough, and that a more comprehensive plan is needed to address the scale of the problem.

As the threat of earthquakes continues to loom over Istanbul, it is crucial that authorities take swift action to ensure the safety of its residents. The recent earthquakes have shown that failure to do so could have catastrophic consequences.

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