Tolga Akyıldız lost his life! Who is Tolga Akyıldız, how old is he? Why did Tolga Akyıldız die?

Journalist and writer Tolga Akyıldız suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. It was reported that Akyıldız, who was taken to the hospital, was in critical condition. It was learned that Akyıldız passed away. Akyıldız, who had a cerebral hemorrhage at his home in Maslak, Istanbul, was taken to Maslak Acıbadem hospital.

Who is Tolga Akyıldız?

Tolga Akyıldız was born in 1973 in Istanbul. Journalist, writer and psychologist. He started journalism at Hey Magazine in 1987 and has worked for many magazines and newspapers.

The author, who continued to write for 4 years in his column called Street Child, which he started to write in Milliyet Newspaper Street Supplement in 2010; He wrote columns for 46 and Esquire Magazines. Since 2000, he has been writing music articles and making interviews in the Pop Virus column in Hürriyet Newspaper.

The author, who carried out the Open Stage event at Zorlu PSM and within the musicmentor he was the founder of, was also the Editorial Consultant of IST Magazine and the series editor of Karakarga Publishing. He was a consultant to various brands and events.

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Tolga Akyıldız was a journalist, writer, and psychologist who was born in Istanbul in 1973. He began his journalism career at Hey Magazine in 1987 and went on to work for various newspapers and magazines. Akyıldız wrote columns for Milliyet Newspaper Street Supplement, Esquire Magazine, and Hürriyet Newspaper’s Pop Virus column where he interviewed musicians and wrote music articles. He also organized music events such as Open Stage at Zorlu PSM and was the founder of the musicmentor initiative. Additionally, he served as an editorial consultant for IST Magazine and was the series editor of Karakarga Publishing. Unfortunately, Akyıldız passed away after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage at his home in Maslak, Istanbul.

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