The support of the Kingfisher players to the Cranberry Sherbet series means a lot! / Detay – On Friday evenings, two serials are struggling in the ratings. Since the beginning of the season, the Kingfisher series has not left the first place to anyone. However, Cranberry Sherbet, which sprung up 3 weeks ago, now surpasses its rivals in AB and ABC1 groups and takes the first place with the best ratings of the week.

On the other hand, only the first place in the category of all persons remained for the Kingfisher series. It may be possible for this to go away in the coming weeks. In other words, Kingfisher on Star TV on one side and Cranberry Sherbet on Show TV on the other.

The ratings seem to be head-to-head competition and somewhat in favor of Cranberry Sorbet. However, in such an environment, the situation became critical for the Cranberry Sherbet series, for which the Radio and Television Supreme Council gave a 5 episode suspension and a 1.5 million TL fine.

The most meaningful reaction to the punishment given to the series that dragged millions after it came from the Cranberry Sherbet series team. Players send messages to RTÜK, one after another, and post, „Don’t touch the Cranberry Sherbet“.

Afra Saraçoğlu and Mert Ramazan Demir also participated in this reaction interaction.

The support of the Kingfisher players to the Cranberry Sherbet series means a lot! 9

Giving this support to Cranberry Sherbet, for which they are in great competition in the ratings, is a very meaningful and gentlemanly attitude.

Burcu Alptekin, the director of the series, and Beril Pozam, one of the actors, also shared their support.

If Cranberry Sherbet is penalized, Kingfisher TV series can have a very successful process by reaching double-digit ratings again. But not being on the air of the opposing show is not an advantage. This gentlemanly attitude of the actors deserves applause, as there will be a penalty in such an environment.


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The Turkish TV series, Kingfisher and Cranberry Sherbet, are currently in a head-to-head competition in terms of ratings. While Kingfisher has maintained its position as the leader of all persons category, Cranberry Sherbet has recently surpassed it in the AB and ABC1 groups, earning the best ratings of the week. However, the situation has become critical for Cranberry Sherbet following a 5-episode suspension and 1.5 million TL fine by the Radio and Television Supreme Council. In response, the team of Cranberry Sherbet, including actors Afra Saraçoğlu and Mert Ramazan Demir, have sent messages to RTÜK and posted „Don’t touch the Cranberry Sherbet“ on social media. This gesture of support and sportsmanship from the Kingfisher team towards their competitors deserves applause, especially in such a competitive environment where penalties can affect ratings.

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