The son of Barış Falay and Esra Ronabar came second in Türkiye

Mavi Rüzgar, the son of Barış Falay, who is happily married to actress Esra Ronabar like him, turned to sailing.

Advancing on the path of making a successful career in the field of sports, Mavi Rüzgar came second in Turkey in the last leg of the race organized by the Turkish Sailing Federation and earned the right to represent our country.

Barış Falay expressed his happiness with the words, „Our son, Mavi Rüzgar Falay, came second in Turkey as a Çağla Kubat Winsurf Academy competitor in the last leg of the Turkish Sailing Federation, and won the right to represent our country with a crescent and star jersey. We are proud.“

Esra Ronabar also dropped the note „I congratulate all our athletes who competed in a gentlemanly and fair-minded manner“ on the frames she shared.

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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Barış Falay and Esra Ronabar’s son Mavi Rüzgar has taken up sailing and recently came second in a race organized by the Turkish Sailing Federation. He has earned the right to represent Turkey in future races. Expressing his happiness, Barış Falay said that he and his wife were proud of their son’s achievement, while Esra Ronabar congratulated all the athletes who participated in the race.

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