The honor of being Pargalı İbrahim, who became legendary with Okan Yalabık, fell to Cansel Elçin this time! / Detay – Okan Yalabık’s haunting role as Pargalı İbrahim in the Magnificent Century TV series has now come to the fore again with the Barbaros Hayreddin Sultan’s Ferment series. The desire to tell the story of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, on whom TRT1 has been leaning for 3 years and whose 2 different versions are reflected on the screen, unfortunately was not very successful. For the first time, the Barbaroslar Mediterranean Sword series, starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulaş Tuna Astepe, did not attract enough attention.

This season, with the story being handled in a different way, a different version was tried on a new scenario starring Tolgahan Sayışman. However, the new series of stories called Barbaros Hayreddin Sultan’s Edict could not attract enough audience attention.

You will still watch TRT1’s efforts to keep it on the screen until the end of the season. There is also a surprise for the audience in the 13th episode of the Barbaros Hayreddin series. With the character of Pargalı İbrahim, Cansel Elçin joined the cast of the series.

While the information that TRT1 will make the final in the 20th episode, it was revealed that Cansel Elçin will mark the last episodes of the series with the role of Pargalı İbrahim.

Many viewers experienced the great influence of the Pargalı İbrahim character in the Magnificent Century series. This character, which Okan Yalabık put forward with his unforgettable acting performance, points to one of the very important statesmen in the history of the Ottoman Empire.

During the reign of Suleiman I, described as Suleiman the Magnificent, Pargalı İbrahim served as the grand vizier between 27 June 1523 and 15 March 1536. Pargalı İbrahim, who played a very important role in political and military events, was strangled by 4 mute executioners by order of the sultan.

The honor of being Pargalı İbrahim, who became legendary with Okan Yalabık, fell to Cansel Elçin this time! 9

Cansel Elçin will take her place in 5 of the remaining 8 episodes of the series, which aired on Friday evenings. It is certain that many viewers will make a comparison between Okan Yalabık and Cansel Elçin for the role of Pargalı İbrahim.

Even the fact that TRT1 brought the Barbaros Hayreddin project, which did not show much presence in the rating competition on Friday evenings, to this point is an important development, and despite the low ratings, it is clear from the great support offered to the series how much the public broadcaster attaches to the story of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha.


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TRT1’s historical drama series, Barbaros Hayreddin Sultan, has not been receiving enough attention from viewers despite being on the air for three years with two different versions. The latest version, called Barbaros Hayreddin Sultan’s Edict, failed to draw enough audience attention. However, the series will continue until the end of the season, and a surprise awaits viewers in the 13th episode. Cansel Elçin, who will play the role of Pargalı İbrahim, has joined the cast for the last eight episodes. Okan Yalabık previously played this role in the Magnificent Century series, and many viewers will compare Elçin’s performance with Yalabık’s. Despite low ratings, TRT1 remains committed to the story of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, and the public broadcaster hopes to maintain viewer interest in its historical drama series.

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