The final version of Arda Kural, who lost 20 kilos, left their mouths open! Seeing said the same thing

Arda Kural, known as „Native Leonardio DiCaprio“, received treatment for a while after being diagnosed with psychosis. The weight gained by Kural, who lived a life away from the screens for a long time and then came back to the agenda, attracted attention.

Those who saw the final version of the famous actor, who were melting day by day, were very surprised. Those who saw Arda Kural, who lost 20 kilos, commented „Welcome to the field“.

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42-year-old Arda Kural dropped the note „I wore a hat after years“ on his new post.


His followers commented on the photo of the famous name, which attracted attention with the weight he lost, „How did you lose so much weight“, „You have lost so much weight“, „You have lost a lot of weight, do not lose weight anymore“, „We are waiting for a lead role in a series“.


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Source Link: NTV/Mynet

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Arda Kural, a Turkish actor who was nicknamed „Native Leonardo DiCaprio,“ has shocked fans with his significant weight loss. Kural, who had been away from the screens for a long time, was diagnosed with psychosis and had received treatment. Many fans have commented on his recent social media posts, asking him how he managed to lose so much weight and expressing their excitement over his return to acting. Kural has lost 20 kilos and has shared photos of himself in which he looks noticeably slimmer.

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