The death toll in tornadoes that hit 8 states of the USA increased to 26

National Meteorological Service; He noted that more than 57 tornado events were reported over a wide area covering 8 states from the previous night to yesterday morning, mainly Arkansas, Mississippi, Iowa, Tennessee, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Due to the tornadoes, a total of 26 people lost their lives, 9 in Tennessee, 5 in Arkansas, 3 in Indiana, 4 in Illinois, 3 people in Memphis, 2 of which were children, and one person each in Mississippi and Alabama.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee pointed out that the hurricane and storm occurred after the school shooting in Nashville last week, in which 6 people, including 3 children, died, and stated that they had the worst week during their term as governor.

According to the „PowerOutage.US“ website, which tracks the power outages in the country, more than 150,000 households and businesses are still without power in the areas affected by the storms, including 115,000 in Pennsylvania and 37,000 in Virginia, as of this morning.

Authorities continue to work on damage assessment for loss of life and property caused by tornadoes and severe storms.

In the US states of Mississippi and Alabama, 26 people died in tornadoes that occurred on March 25.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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At least 26 people have died and over 150,000 households and businesses are without power following a series of tornadoes and severe storms in eight US states. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said that the severe weather added to what had already been “the worst week during their term as governor” following a school shooting in Nashville last week. The storms hit Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

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