The children’s book “Voice of Peace” was published in 3 languages

The children’s book “The Voice of Peace”, written by educator and primary school teacher İsfendiyar Pilli, was published by Khora Publishing.

According to the information provided by the Khora Bookstore, the book, which was written in Turkish and translated into English and Greek, contains messages of love of nature, friendship and peace.

The Voice of Peace, edited by Nazen Şansal, was illustrated by high school student Yeşim Çukurovalı. The cover and page design of the work, which was translated into English by Peral Onurlap and into Greek by Anna Tsangari, belongs to Ömer Tatlısu.

The Voice of Peace, a book that appeals to readers of all ages, especially primary school students, and improves their language skills, took its place on the shelves in Khora Bookstore and in all bookstores.

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A children’s book titled „The Voice of Peace“ has been published by Khora Publishing. The book, written by İsfendiyar Pilli and translated into English and Greek, conveys messages of nature, friendship, and peace. The book has been edited by Nazen Şansal, illustrated by Yeşim Çukurovalı, and designed by Ömer Tatlısu. The book is suitable for readers of all ages, particularly primary school students, and is available in Khora Bookstore and all other bookstores.

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