The 40-item proposal passed the Parliament… Minister Vahit Kirişci: This is a revolutionary law.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişçi met with industry representatives in Muğla. In his speech here, Minister Kirişci said, “We have passed a law package consisting of 40 articles that envisage amendments to 9 laws, especially the Agriculture Law and the Forest Law, which we have been longing for for years. This is a revolutionary law. Turkey is a country that experiences drought and excessive precipitation together in terms of climate. No one has any objections to this anymore. 55-60 percent of Turkey is prone to burning, forest fires are a disaster for us in a geography covered with forests prone to burning in this geography, especially in Marmaris in Muğla. We were talking about the drought, but suddenly we started to talk about extreme rains, floods and floods. Maybe even those who were unaware that the law was enacted would say ‚planning in agriculture is a must‘. The legislation that will enable this planning has now passed our Assembly, and after its publication in the Official Gazette, the second legislation will be issued and put into practice as soon as possible.

“Those who wait for the hotel to rise lick their palms”

Stating that an area of ​​50 thousand 470 hectares burned in Muğla in 2021, Minister Kirişci said, “Work started immediately after the fire. 201 million saplings were brought together with the soil. Now the entire area has been reforested. You know, let’s announce to those who are waiting for a hotel to rise when they see a constantly burning forest area, but who lick their palms here. Such work can never be done. Such a thing can never be allowed. Because the law does not allow it. The 5,671 hectares that burned in 2022 was a fire that hurt me a lot. Even if it is much lower than the previous year, we cannot kill a single wire, a single leaf of this green homeland. Production on 67 percent of the 5,671 hectares area and site preparation work on 37 percent have been completed. 10 million 600 thousand saplings were brought together with the soil. In Muğla, 85% of Turkey’s pine honey is produced in this city. Let’s not be unfair to ourselves. Let’s not say that the areas where we produced honey disappeared in the fire in 2012. It corresponds to 5 percent of our pine honey production area of ​​50 thousand 470 hectares. I wish he hadn’t,“ he said.

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The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişçi, announced the passing of a law package consisting of 40 articles that will amend 9 laws, including the Agriculture Law and the Forest Law. The legislation will enable planning for agriculture and forestry operations in Turkey, which has been experiencing droughts and extreme rainfall leading to forest fires and floods. Minister Kirişçi emphasized the importance of reforestation and announced the successful reforestation of the 50,470-hectare area that burned in Muğla in 2021. He also stated the completion of production and site preparation work on 67% of the 5,671-hectare area that burned in 2022 and the bringing together of 10.6 million saplings with soil. Muğla is known for producing 85% of Turkey’s pine honey, and the wildfires have affected 5% of the production area. The minister urged people not to be unfair and to support reforestation efforts.

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