Tax inspector detained in Samarkand while taking $15,000 in bribe

For this amount, the tax inspector promised to write off the tax debt of one of the enterprises in the amount of 1.5 billion soums.

Photo: Frame from video

During an inspection in the Pastdargom district, the chief tax inspector revealed a debt of 2.5 billion soums in one of the LLCs. To help reduce this amount to 1 billion soums, the official demanded $15,000 from the business owner.

At the time of receiving the money, he was detained.

On this fact, a criminal case was initiated against the tax inspector under relevant articles of the Criminal Code. An investigation is underway.

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A tax inspector in Uzbekistan was caught accepting a bribe of $15,000, promising to write off tax debt of a local LLC worth 1.5 billion soums ($176,930). The debt was originally revealed to be 2.5 billion soums ($294,880). The official was immediately detained upon receiving the money. Criminal charges have been filed, and an investigation is ongoing.

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