Şükran Ovalı, the Derya Prosecutor of the Judiciary, surprised him with his aesthetic! „Did you have a face transplant, sister?“

Şükran Ovalı was talked about for a long time with her marriage to football player Caner Erkin. Ovalı, who has a daughter named Mihran Ela from Caner Erkin, returned to the screen with the Judgment series after a long time. The beautiful actress Şükran Ovalı, who participated in the series with the character of Prosecutor Derya, stunned the audience.

While she does not fall off the agenda with her beauty as well as her acting, she is active on social media. famous actress Ovalı’s change over the years did not go unnoticed.


Şükran Ovalı, who was born in Izmir in 1985, studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center after graduating from high school. Thanksgiving Oval; She made a name for herself in the media industry with strong productions such as Cloth Doll, If I Was a Cloud, A Matter of Honor, Leyla ile Mecnun and Vatanım Sensin.


Ovalı remained on the agenda for a long time with its aesthetic news. While the change in the face of the famous name did not escape attention, those who saw the situation in the Cloth Doll series could not recognize the actor.

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Aesthetic images of actress Şükran Ovalı fell into the language of social media.

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Ovalı, who was seen to have undergone many aesthetic operations, was showered with comments in its old form.

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Users commented on Ovalı’s change, such as „Did you have a face transplant with your sister?“, „Thanksgiving, who is it?“, „He wanted it done, it was very nice“.

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Source Link: NTV/Mynet

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The article discusses the career and appearance of actress Şükran Ovalı, who recently returned to the screen with the series Judgment. The article highlights Ovalı’s previous roles in hit Turkish productions such as Leyla ile Mecnun and Vatanım Sensin, and mentions her marriage to football player Caner Erkin. The article also notes Ovalı’s active presence on social media and her recent aesthetic transformations, which have attracted attention and commentary from social media users. The article includes several images of the actress.

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