Short circuit caused fire!

According to the information given by the Police Press Officer, a fire occurred in an apartment on Yenikapı Street in Gönyeli, at around 16:45 today, as a result of a short-circuiting of multiple sockets, possibly connecting electrical devices, as a result of sudden power supply to the network.

Fire was extinguished by firefighters.

As a result of the fire, the cupboards and furniture in the kitchen and living room, as well as the cupboards and clothing items in the two bedrooms were damaged by burning.

Police investigation into the incident continues.


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A fire broke out in an apartment on Yenikapı Street in Gönyeli due to a short-circuit in multiple sockets, possibly caused by connecting electrical devices, according to the Police Press Officer. The fire was extinguished by firefighters, but the kitchen and living room, as well as the two bedrooms, suffered damage due to the burning of cupboards, furniture, and clothing items. Police are currently investigating the incident.

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