School teams will not be sent to competitions in Turkey

He announced with an official letter that the school team would not be sent to the first place competitions… In the statement made by the Ministry on the subject; “As our Ministry’s proposal numbered 439/2023 should be prepared to cover all branches, it was presented on the agenda of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers made a decision within this framework.

We want it to be known that the Ministry of National Education is one of the institutions that have experienced the pain caused by the disaster on February 6th.

We still feel the pain and loss of our students, teachers and parents who lost their lives in Adıyaman, and we would like to state once again that we bow respectfully before their memories… In line with this process, we have informed the relevant institutions that we will not send a school team to the competitions to be held in Turkey. The champions are the „Champion Angels Team“ of Famagusta Turkish Maarif College.

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Source Link: NTV/BRT

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The Ministry of National Education in Turkey has announced that they will not be sending a school team to the first-place competitions due to the tragedy that occurred on February 6th, which resulted in the loss of students, teachers, and parents in Adıyaman. The decision was made in honor and respect of those who lost their lives. The „Champion Angels Team“ of Famagusta Turkish Maarif College will represent Turkey in the competition instead.

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