Sadıkoğlu commemoration ceremony… President Tatar: Turkish Cypriot people will always remember him for his services

President Ersin Tatar attended the commemoration ceremony held in Nicosia Cemetery for the 27th death anniversary of Hacı İsmail Sadıkoğlu, one of the founders of the Turkish Resistance Organization.
In his speech at the ceremony, President Tatar emphasized that Hacı İsmail Sadıkoğlu was a mujahideen, contributed effectively to the struggle for existence of the Turkish Resistance Organization and the Turkish Cypriot people, guided the civil society life of our country with his entrepreneurship and love for humanity, and was a nationalist.

“We owe all this to patriots like İsmail Sadıkoğlu if we live on these lands with dignity, freely and independently. It is our duty to commemorate such important names, not to forget the services rendered, and to convey where we came from to the younger generation on every occasion.

Our case continues. Our case is not over. The whole western world is still pushing us to gather under a federal roof in Cyprus. However, we continue to shout with all our might that there can be an agreement with the cooperation of two separate states living side by side in Cyprus. We are against the policy of melting the Turkish Cypriots within the European Union. The Republic of Türkiye also gives full support to our politics.”

Saying, “It is a very important step for us to become a member of the Organization of Turkish States under the name of TRNC,” President Tatar expressed his condolences to Hacı İsmail Sadıkoğlu and his family.

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The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, attended a ceremony honoring Hacı İsmail Sadıkoğlu, one of the founders of the Turkish Resistance Organization, on the 27th anniversary of his death. Speaking at the event, President Tatar praised Sadıkoğlu’s contributions to the struggle for the existence of the Turkish Cypriot people and his guidance of civil society with entrepreneurship and a love for humanity. He emphasized the importance of commemorating such figures and passing their legacy onto future generations. President Tatar also reiterated his opposition to the policy of merging Turkish Cypriots with the European Union and his calls for a cooperative agreement between two separate states. He expressed condolences to the family of Hacı İsmail Sadıkoğlu and described becoming a member of the Organization of Turkish States under the TRNC as a significant step for the country.

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