Prime Minister Üstel: The goal of our government is to provide our people, our country with clean, affordable and secure energy.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel evaluated the developments in electricity by making a written statement after the Council of Ministers meeting.

Stating that one of the most important and strategic issues in the world is the issue of energy supply security, Üstel stated that, as the government, their goal is to provide the people and the country with clean, affordable and secure energy.

Pointing out the importance of providing uninterrupted energy to your people without being affected by international developments or certain problems in your country, he stated that the TRNC has important problems at this point.

Prime Minister Üstel continued as follows:

“Our country is no longer at a point where it can solve this issue with temporary, short-term measures. As everyone knows, due to the fact that we could not live in stable government periods, the decisions to be taken could not be taken on time, the necessary steps could not be taken, and today’s troubled point has been reached.

Therefore, as the government, it is imperative that we learn from our mistakes and implement the long-term energy policies of the future today.
There should be security of supply in energy. Energy should be affordable, sustainable and above all clean energy that protects the environment on which the world agrees.

In line with these criteria, we have started to work on models that will provide security of supply to our country.

The sun is an important source of energy for us. Our projects in this area are progressing. In addition to increasing this, we are also working to install wind panels in suitable places and to generate energy from the wind.

Our main goal is to realize the electricity with cable project and to establish an interconnected system with Turkey.

Electricity with cable and interconnected system are among our priority energy projects. After the electricity comes with the cable, we will have the opportunity to benefit from all types of energy with the activation of the interconnected system. In energy, we will ensure our supply security, become more affordable, safer, and reach the level where we can sell what we produce.

The project of bringing electricity and interconnection via cable is not a project that can be realized in a very short time.

This has not yet been demonstrated in definitive reports.

According to the first studies, the result will be reached only 4 years after the project is put into practice.
However, life will go on.

Therefore, until this system is established, we must guarantee a few years in terms of energy.

At this point, the issues of renewing our existing systems and increasing power will naturally come to the fore.

Anyway, someone wants to sentence us to 3 times more expensive electricity to be bought from the Greek part. But we will not come to this game.

Here’s what we’ve been through. It is obvious that the current investments are not enough for us in certain periods of the year and we are closing this gap from the Greek Cypriot side. In the very near future, we will have an energy deficit in all months of the year. Our tourism is developing. Our construction industry is developing. Thousands of new living centers are being established. Our industry is developing, our population is increasing. In short, our need for energy is increasing day by day. The situation we are in is not sustainable.

KIB-TEK’s investment capacity is extremely low. Our budgets are limited. Electricity with cable project is a huge investment. Therefore, just like all over the world, we must find a way to make such investments in the best way possible. That’s what we’re working on.

Just as the agreement for the establishment of Teknecik Power Plant was opposed as a „destruction package“ and there was opposition to the flow of water from Turkey, there are those who work so that electricity does not come through the cable, but because they cannot express this clearly, they resort to other games. It is clear that those who are trying so hard that these investments are not made, that these investments are not paved, that we, as the TRNC, miss these historical opportunities and go back to the days when we were doomed to receive electricity from the Greek Cypriot side.

Look, these people had the same attitude in the future of water, but water came and touched our lives. Our life has changed. We are not thirsty since that day. As an island country, we got rid of one of our most important problems.
We are at the same point again today. We want to solve one of the most important needs of our country, energy, in the same way. In line with the interests of our people, we plan to solve this with more affordable electricity bills than today. This is not enough either. We want to take a very important step for clean energy and we do not want our people to breathe the smoke rising from the chimneys of the power plants.

Not when energy comes to your country, you disappear when there is no energy in your country.
Some are trying to portray the project of bringing electrical energy by cable and the interconnected system as a extinction.

No country has disappeared because it has energy. On the contrary, countries that have run out of energy and have no energy are doomed to perish. We can see it. The whole world sees this. The whole world is mobilizing all its means to reach different energy sources. We will not lag behind the world either. We will plan the energy future of our country in the most accurate way.

We have one goal, sustainable energy, affordable energy.

The essence of our energy policy is to achieve sustainable and affordable energy. We are investigating how to provide these conditions. We are working to implement a project that will carry us to the interconnected system and provide uninterrupted and affordable energy to our people. We have no other goal than this. And we will achieve this goal. We will provide our people with sustainable, more affordable, better quality and cleaner energy.

Those who signed for 15 years yesterday are trying to declare us malicious before we sign anything.

As everyone knows, those who are in opposition today signed the contract, which has been going on for 15 years, not us. Moreover, they had signed a purchase-guaranteed agreement. We have not signed any agreements yet. We will try to implement the best project by doing the necessary work. It is necessary to ask here, do those who try to make us look malicious also see the two ex-presidents who signed that contract as malicious? These are the wrong things. Now is not the time to declare it malicious. It is time to provide the energy needed by the country with the most accurate projects with a common mind.

No action should endanger the life and property of the people.

Action is everyone’s democratic right. But if the action makes the people victims and threatens the safety of life and property of the people, then the state intervenes and does what is necessary.

What is done is not action, but sabotage and attack against the rights and interests of the people. Our people are being victimized and no sane person sees this as right. We do not find this true either. I hope such actions will end as soon as possible and our people will not be harmed any more.‘

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Prime Minister Ünal Üstel addressed the issue of energy supply security in a written statement after the Council of Ministers meeting. Highlighting the importance of providing uninterrupted and clean energy to the people, Üstel emphasized the need for long-term energy policies and investment in renewable sources such as solar and wind energy. He also stressed the importance of the electricity with cable project and connecting the TRNC with Turkey to ensure energy supply security. However, he acknowledged the challenges of low investment capacity and limited budgets, as well as opposition to such projects. He urged for cooperation and finding the best possible solutions to provide sustainable and affordable energy to the people. Moreover, he criticized actions that threaten the safety of people and property, and called for an end to such actions.

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