Prime Minister Üstel accepted the Champion Angels Survival Association

Members of the Board of the Champion Angels Survival Association visited Prime Minister Ünal Üstel.

Association President Ruşen Yücesoylu Karakaya, in his speech at the reception; He said that the first goal of the association is to follow the litigation process closely, and to give full support to the public, government and all institutions of the state during this difficult process. Karakaya said that another important goal is a school project to keep the memories of their lost children alive and said, „We want the state and the government to be with us in these matters.“

Karakaya, who thanked both the Prime Ministry and the government for taking action by mobilizing all available means during the earthquake, said, “From the first day, we saw and felt the support of the government and the state with us. For this, I would like to thank Mr. Prime Minister on behalf of all families.”

Emphasizing that they have started to have a big school project worthy of the name of the Champion Angels in Famagusta, Karakaya said that they had no doubt that the government would help them at the points they needed.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel, in his speech at the reception, stated that he was very happy with the visit of the Champion Angels Survival Association;
In this meeting, we discussed 4 basic issues, the first of which is the stage reached in the ongoing litigation processes related to our Champion Angels, the other is our contribution to the project of building two schools, one secondary school and one high school, which will bear the name of Champion Angels in Famagusta, and the other issue is Champion Angels. The construction of monuments, martyrdom and gymnasium projects, which we promised to keep the memories of God alive, and lastly, the latest situation in the special law studies regarding our Champion Angels, whom we declared as martyrs of duty.

In all these topics, we decided to take extremely important steps. They asked us for a land to build a school, we offer them much better.
Today, I suggested to them that we transfer all the money to be collected from the deductions to be made from the salaries of employees on a voluntary basis, which we passed through the Assembly in a very short time and which has not yet come into force, into the construction project of 2 schools in Famagusta, which will be jointly run by the Champion Angels Survival Association and our government.
In other words, we will have used the entire resource that will come from the salary cuts for two school projects, just as it is written in our law. Moreover, we will use it together with the association.
This will make it clear how sincere we are, as the government, about where the collected resources will be used.
Here, I would like to express the following; We are ready to sign a protocol with the Association for the Survival of Champion Angels in a very short time and to make the necessary legal amendments and start the process immediately, if needed, in the law signed by the Presidency.
I hope these school projects, which will be made as one of the best examples of social solidarity, will bring goodness to our Famagusta. With the approval of our families, I hope we will complete the school projects in a very short time and bring another symbolic work to Famagusta.
Another issue was the sports hall, monument and martyrdom projects to be carried out to keep the memories of our government and our Champion Angels alive. Studies on this subject have already been started and are continuing. As we promised in the Council of Ministers decisions we have taken, the government is in charge and will make all kinds of contributions for the realization of these as well.
As you know, we have started the efforts to make new legal arrangements for our lives that we have declared as martyrs of duty. This topic will be completed soon.
We also consulted on the litigation process regarding our most important topic, Isias Hotel. We shared our own data with our families. They also provided us with the new information they had. As you know, our Ad-Hoc committee, which was established to monitor the legal process, is in Adıyaman right now. During this visit, they also received new information from the Ministry of Justice. They have a meeting with the Adıyaman Chief Prosecutor today. When they come, I will visit them and get the latest information from them.
From the first moment of the earthquake disaster to this day, we have sincerely mobilized all the means in our power for the survival and rescue of our citizens, then for their return to our country, and for the memories of our losses to be kept alive today.
It is evident today how sincere we are. The stance we put forward today is a symbol of sincerity. It is a sign that a government takes care of its children. I hope everyone gets the necessary message from this table and sincerely supports this aid campaign. Once again, I wish God’s mercy to all our citizens who lost their lives here. My condolences and patience to the families who are with us right now. Condolences to our nation once again. The projects we will realize will be beneficial to our people.‘ said.

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In a meeting with the Champion Angels Survival Association, Prime Minister Ünal Üstel discussed four important issues related to the ongoing litigation process, the school project for the lost children, building monuments, martyrdom and gymnasium projects, and the latest situation in special law studies. The Prime Minister announced that the government will transfer all the collected money from deductions made from salaries of employees on a voluntary basis to the construction project of two schools in Famagusta, which will be jointly run by the Champion Angels Survival Association and the government. He also expressed a willingness to sign a protocol with the association, make necessary legal amendments, and start the process immediately. The Prime Minister hopes that the school projects will be completed in a very short time and bring another symbolic work to Famagusta. Moreover, he said the government would make all kinds of contributions to the realization of other projects, including sports hall, monument, and martyrdom projects. The government is also working on new legal arrangements for the lost lives declared as martyrs of duty. The Prime Minister thanked the families for their support and expressed his condolences to the nation.

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