President Ersin Tatar received the GİAD delegation: Sovereignty is our only guarantee

President Ersin Tatar received the Young Businessmen Association (GİAD) President Orhan Gavani and the members of the Board of Directors.

According to the information given by the Presidency, President Tatar stated that the Young Businessmen Association has been carrying on its activities successfully since 1989 and emphasized that there have been great developments in the TRNC during this period.

Expressing that the important things are stability, security, justice, health and education, President Tatar stated that two states have existed in Cyprus for 60 years. Tatar continued his words as follows;

“As the TRNC, we defend our rights. When we look at the future of our existence in Cyprus and the process in this geography; As the guarantor country of the Republic of Turkey, we need a treaty to further consolidate stability in terms of both its own security and the security of its kin. For a treaty to exist, our sovereignty must first be acknowledged.

If our sovereign equality is not accepted, it is not possible for us to reach an agreement with the Greek Cypriot side in Cyprus. Sovereignty means a matter of existence. Non-sovereign peoples are doomed to disappear and disappear from the stage of history. Sovereignty is our only guarantee. As the President, I am very insistent on this issue with the full support of the Republic of Turkey. I believe this is true. Surely it would be better for everyone if there was a covenant. Considering the location of the island of Cyprus, hold natural resources; The increase in tourism, higher education and water project and agricultural activities, the sub-sectors that feed and serve all these sectors…

You are in the trade as young business people. Stability and the existence of this state are very important for your success. Without that sense of stability and trust, the investment is meaningless.”

President Tatar emphasized the importance of the existence and guarantor of the Republic of Turkey in the country, stating that everyone needs the existence and security of the state.

Expressing that the island is safe and that investments have increased over time in a safe environment, President Tatar stated that there have been many developments in the TRNC since 1974, it increased after 1983 and increased even more after the Annan Plan.

President Tatar stated that cooperation protocols had a great contribution in all these developments, and that with the realization of the projects, the investments made by different private enterprises by relying on them increased the national product and production potential, and employment opportunities were created with the increase in added value.

Stating that employment is an expression of people living in security and peace, President Tatar said; “As young business people, I congratulate you. The fact that you can continue this struggle and increase productivity here with your faith in the TRNC shows your patriotism,“ and thanked the President of GİAD and the members of the Board of Directors for the visit made to him.

Orhan Gavani, President of the Young Businessmen Association, in his speech, gave information to President Tatar about the activities and works of the association and thanked him for the acceptance.

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President Ersin Tatar received the President of the Young Businessmen Association (GİAD), Orhan Gavani, and other members of the Board of Directors. During the meeting, President Tatar emphasized the importance of stability, security, justice, health, and education, and stated that two states have existed in Cyprus for 60 years. He further added that for a treaty to exist, the sovereignty of the TRNC must first be acknowledged. President Tatar also highlighted the importance of cooperation protocols in the development of the country and creating employment opportunities. In his speech, GİAD President Orhan Gavani thanked President Tatar for the acceptance and informed him about the activities and works of the association.

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