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Headlines from President Erdogan’s speech are as follows:

Dear beautiful people of Bağcılar, ladies and gentlemen, dear young people, I greet you with the most heartfelt feelings.

You have this pledge of loyalty, I greet you with the spiritual feeling of Ramadan, whose head is mercy, middle of forgiveness, end of salvation from literary torment.

I thank you all individually. We missed you, I see you missed us too. I congratulate the people of Bagcilar, as well as all Istanbulites, on Ramadan.

There is not more than 40 days, someone can step on the prayer rugs with shoes. Because they’re getting instructions from Pennsylvania, it’s legitimate to them. My beloved nation will give the best answer to these on 14 May.

This year, we are having a sad Ramadan due to the earthquake disaster.

Details are coming…

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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President Erdogan greets the people of Bağcılar and expresses his gratitude and congratulates them on Ramadan. He mentions an incident where someone could step on prayer rugs with shoes as they were getting instructions from Pennsylvania, and he believes the nation will give the best answer on 14 May. He also expresses sadness over the recent earthquake disaster. Further details are yet to be announced.

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