Police Incidents: He fell from a height of 2 meters to the concrete floor and was injured.

Looking for resident Alisa Abbas (K-17) in Nicosia.

According to the information given by the police, at around 07:30 on 6 April, resident Alisa Abbas (K-17) left her residence in Nicosia and did not return.

Sudden and Unnatural Death

At around 15.00 yesterday, resident Muhammed Kaya (E-23) in Famagusta died suddenly in his dormitory room, where he was staying.

In Kaya’s autopsy, blood and tissue samples were taken to determine the cause of death, the cause of death will be determined after further investigations.

Duty Free Savings (Development)

NG(E-45), who was found to be related to the issue, was arrested in the further investigation carried out on April 4 at the Nicosia Metehan Land Entrance Gate regarding the 190 kg of undeclared beef found in the possession of H.A.

Work accident

Allahverdi AMAN (E-54), who was working as a painter in the construction under construction in Güvercinlik, Industrial Zone yesterday at 10:00, was injured by falling on the concrete floor from a height of about 2 meters as a result of losing his balance while he was painting on the pier.

After his treatment at Famagusta State Hospital, where he was taken, Aman was observed in the neurology service.


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Police in Nicosia are searching for resident Alisa Abbas, who left her residence on April 6 and did not return. Meanwhile, an autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of the sudden and unnatural death of resident Muhammed Kaya in Famagusta. Another resident, NG, was arrested in a further investigation related to the discovery of undeclared beef. In a work accident, painter Allahverdi Aman fell and was hospitalized for observation.

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