PGO provides official information on the case of a woman who threw herself from 9th floor with her 3 children in Sergeli

It was reported that a woman threw herself from the 9th floor with her 3 children in the Sergeli district, Tashkent city. The Prosecutor General’s Office provided official information on the case.

Photo: PGO

It is noted that the operative-investigative group led by the PGO and Tashkent city prosecutor’s office inspected the scene of the incident and carried out investigations.

It was found out that on April 3 at 19:20, a woman (born in 1996) who lived in an apartment building in the Sergeli-8 district, in order to intentionally kill her two sons and one daughter, threw out her children through the window of the 9th floor and then committed suicide by jumping.

As a result, they all died on the spot.

On this fact, a criminal case was initiated under Articles 97 (deliberate murder) and 103 (suicide).

According to the information received, due to a fire in October 2022 in the apartment where the deceased woman lived with her husband in Zangiota district of Tashkent region, she came to her mother’s house in Sergeli-8 district with her 3 children and lived with them, and these circumstances had a negative impact on his psyche.

Also, it was found that the spouse of the deceased is currently in Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Umrah pilgrimage.

A number of investigative hypotheses have been developed by the investigative team in order to thoroughly investigate all possible causes of this tragedy.

It was stated that family discord, reasons behind the mental changes observed in the deceased, suicidal ideation and other speculations will be thoroughly investigated during the preliminary investigation.

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A tragic incident occurred in Tashkent city’s Sergeli district, where a woman threw herself and her three children from the 9th floor of an apartment building. The Prosecutor General’s Office has initiated a criminal case, citing deliberate murder and suicide. According to reports, the woman had suffered from mental problems, which may have been aggravated by her circumstances. Her husband was reportedly in Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Umrah pilgrimage at the time of the incident. The investigative team is analyzing various possible causes of the tragedy, including family discord and suicidal ideation, among other factors.

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