Operation in Güzelyurt: 8 pills and 6 grams of cannabis found

Within the scope of the operation carried out by the police at around 16.00 yesterday in Güzelyurt, the vehicle used by AAYA (E-24) and AD (E-34) as a passenger, and the search made on them, 8 pills whose sale is subject to green prescription, approximately 6 A substance believed to be a cannabis-type drug weighing grams was seized.

In the statement, it was stated that 21 thousand TL and 100 US dollars in cash, believed to have been obtained from the sale of drugs, were taken as evidence, and it was stated that AAM (E-23), who is believed to be related to the persons in question and the issue, was arrested.

-The student was threatened… His belongings were taken by frightening him.

A person working in a student dormitory threatened a student and put his computer, cash and earphones into his possession.

In February and April 2023, MAY (E-25), working in a student dormitory operating in Kyrenia, threatened and intimidated that a student staying in the dormitory would be expelled from the school and the dormitory, and used the tablet computer and charger belonging to the student and 3,400 TL. It was also determined that he took the cash money with threats and stole it by taking the wireless headset on the study desk in his dormitory room.

The person in question was arrested.

-One person was arrested in the investigation about the stolen cable in Mersinlik

S.Ç (E-44), who was seen as a suspect in the investigation carried out regarding the cable stolen in Mersinlik between 1-3 April, was arrested.

In the police bulletin, it was noted that S.Ç. (E-44), the suspect in the case, was identified and arrested within the scope of the further investigation carried out regarding the theft of 1500 meters long copper electrical cables from a construction site in Mersinlik.

-Parked vehicle completely burned

A fire broke out in the pick-up truck with the plate number FU 547, which was parked in the corrals area of ​​the Bosphorus, last night for an unknown reason.

It was noted that the fire was extinguished by the Fire Brigade teams, and the vehicle in question was completely burned as a result of the fire.

Police investigations into all incidents continue.


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Police in Northern Cyprus have reported several incidents from the past few months. In Güzelyurt, a drug bust led to the arrest of a suspect and the seizure of pills and cannabis. Cash believed to be from the sale of drugs was also taken as evidence. In a separate case, a dormitory employee was arrested for stealing a student’s computer, cash, and earphones. The employee had allegedly threatened and intimidated the student, who was staying in the dormitory. Another suspect was arrested for stealing copper electrical cables from a construction site in Mersinlik. Finally, a pick-up truck parked in the Bosphorus area caught fire, and the vehicle was completely burned. Police investigations into all incidents are ongoing.

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