NTV Special File: Next generation wars and MIT

The National Intelligence Organization is much more visible with its recent cross-border operations. The area of ​​influence of the organization is gradually expanding, sometimes with point operations carried out in Syria and sometimes in Iraq, and sometimes with intelligence diplomacy. How has the world of intelligence changed from the years of the cold war to the present day when the hybrid war is dominant? How did point operations start? The answers to all these questions are in the „New generation wars and MIT“, „NTV Special File“ prepared by Gökhan Gerçek.

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Source Link: UZAY35/CNN/NTV/TRT

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The „New generation wars and MIT“ NTV Special File explores how the National Intelligence Organization’s operations have expanded beyond Turkey’s borders, with point operations in Syria and Iraq alongside intelligence diplomacy. The program delves into the evolution of the intelligence world from the Cold War to the present day, where hybrid warfare is becoming more prominent. Viewers can learn about the origins of point operations and gain insights into the changing landscape of modern intelligence. Gökhan Gerçek is the producer of the special.

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