North Korea tests unmanned underwater watercraft that can „create radioactive waves“

North Korean Public Television announced that between April 4 and 7, it conducted a test of an underwater drone capable of nuclear strikes.

North Korean State Television shared the footage of the „unmanned underwater vehicle“ called Haei-2, which means „Tsunami“ in Korean.
It is stated that the weapon capable of nuclear attack can create „radioactive waves“ and target ports and base areas.
It was claimed that the vehicle, which traveled underwater for 71 hours, covered a distance of about one thousand km.
North Korea has increased its military activities in recent weeks in response to the United States and South Korea’s joint military exercises.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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North Korea has claimed to have tested an underwater drone capable of nuclear strikes. The test reportedly took place between 4-7 April and footage was aired on North Korean Public Television. The drone, which can travel underwater for over 70 hours and cover a distance of around 1,000km, is capable of generating „radioactive waves“ and targeting “ports and base areas”. North Korea has recently increased its military activity due to joint US and South Korean military exercises.

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