New project for club academies from TFF

TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi, TFF National Teams Officer Hamit Altıntop, Double Pass General Manager Koen Put and football director Hans Vander Elst and Spor Toto Super League teams‘ infrastructure attended the signing ceremony held at the Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities of the TFF in Riva. coaches attended.

President Büyükekşi gave a speech at the meeting.

„If we want permanent success, we have to create a sustainable football ecosystem. Our role is to put the football academies project on solid ground. The role of the clubs is to internalize this and make infrastructure investments. Our common goal is to achieve sustainable success.“

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Büyükekşi pointed out that the clubs are in a difficult situation economically.

„His debts exceed 25 billion liras. This figure doubles with the interest. This is why this project is of critical importance, meeting all financial needs. Transfers made by spending large sums of money do not provide long-term gains. Clubs need to allocate resources to their infrastructure and develop it.“

„We expect the infrastructures to give at least 2 players every year“

Büyükekşi explained that they aim for the football players who have grown up from the youth academies to be promoted to the A teams of their own clubs and then transferred abroad.

„We expect the infrastructure to provide at least 2 football players every year. We attribute the success of the national teams to the healthy operation of this project. In this way, it will be possible to increase the reputation of Turkish football and we will generate income for our clubs. We have made many visits both domestically and abroad. Our facilities. We reviewed and exchanged views. We visited many clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Their aim is to realize Turkey’s infrastructure model. Double Pass is a company that has proven itself with its training and auditing activities with FIFA and UEFA. As the reliable consultant of FIFA, in 6 continents. He provides supervision, training and consultancy services to 30 federations and 1500 clubs. He will use this experience for the future of Turkish football.“

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Büyükekşi noted that football academies will be established in clubs.

„The coaches who have successfully completed the training process will be appointed as expert trainers in their clubs. The wages of the trainers will be covered by the federation for 6 months and the trainers will be supervised by the federation.“

Büyükekşi reminded that they decided to make an academy obligation in the Super League starting from the next season.

„Next season, we decided to make an academy obligation for the 1st League clubs. It was passed by the parliament that our Ministry of Treasury and Finance changed the relevant law and refunded the withholding tax returns within 5 days. It made it mandatory to use it for infrastructure and amateurs. In this way, clubs will be able to spend on their infrastructure without incurring additional obligations. We would like to express our gratitude to our President, the Minister of Treasury and Finance, and the Minister of Youth and Sports, who supported the development of Turkish football by providing such a good opportunity to our clubs.“

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Hamit Altıntop: This meaningful cooperation will bring success at the end of the day

TFF National Teams Manager Hamit Altıntop pointed out that they have taken an important step to make their success permanent and sustainable.

„We all work together to do our job, which requires patience, perseverance and continuity. We know that professional football should start from childhood. Age-specific studies are required to increase technical and tactical skills exponentially. The first step is for our coaches to specialize according to age category. Children are first of all good people and We wish them to become athletes and contribute to their clubs in this way. We sincerely believe that they will be successful. This meaningful cooperation will bring success at the end of the day.“

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Double Pass Football Director Hans Vander Elst spoke about the cooperation agreement.

„As a company, we are honored to be here. We have been talking about our new project and talent development in Turkey for a while. We have to work with young football players every day. We will bring all the coaches together. We will create a very strong system. We are here for exactly that. We are sure that we will work hard and be successful.“ „I promise. You will see more trained players. There will be younger teams. Young players will take more time. We will develop talent. We will be successful in this 4-year project. This project is very important for the future of Turkish football.“

At the end of the meeting, Büyükekşi presented a national team jersey to the Double Pass officials.

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The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has signed a cooperation agreement with the global talent consultants Double Pass to improve football academies and develop young talents in the country. The TFF National Teams Officer, Hamit Altıntop, and the TFF President, Mehmet Büyükekşi, attended the signing ceremony at the Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities of the TFF in Riva. The agreement aims to create a sustainable football ecosystem where football players who have grown up in youth academies can be promoted to A teams and then transferred abroad. Büyükekşi also pointed out that the clubs are in a difficult economic situation, with debts exceeding TRY 25bn ($2.94bn). The cooperation agreement with Double Pass is expected to provide at least two football players every year, increasing the reputation of Turkish football and generating income for clubs.

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