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Speaking at the opening of his government’s weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu argued that the internal debate sparked by the controversial judicial arrangement would not undermine Israel’s power and ability „to take action against the enemy, whenever and wherever.“

Netanyahu said, „We make the states that support terrorism beyond Israel’s borders pay a heavy price,“ without mentioning the alleged attack by Israel in Syria that killed two Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards announced that two of its officers were killed in the Israeli attack in Syria.

Stating that „they are in the process of dialogue for reconciliation“ in the judicial regulation, which was postponed due to the reactions in Israel, Netanyahu congratulated the „Passover“ of the Jews, which will begin soon.


On the other hand, the news in the Israeli media drew attention to the uncertainty of the situation of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who was fired last week for opposing Netanyahu’s judicial regulation.

It is stated that Gallant, who did not take any official action despite Netanyahu’s announcement of his dismissal, will attend this week’s cabinet meeting.

High-ranking officials from the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the military noted that „Netanyahu’s position, in which Gallant left the situation unclear, is not healthy,“ and that the Prime Minister canceled the meetings he was supposed to hold with the Defense Minister last week.

The „judicial reform“ announced by Israeli Minister of Justice Yariv Levin on January 5 includes changes such as limiting the powers of the Supreme Court and the power to have a say in judicial appointments.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on March 27 that he postponed the regulation, which caused mass protests and strikes across the country.

Tens of thousands of Israelis protested against the government’s judicial regulation and policies in cities such as Tel Aviv, West Jerusalem, Haifa, Ra’anana and Netanya. Mass protests against the government are repeated on some days despite the announcement that the regulation was delayed.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the country’s ability to „take action against the enemy“ will not be undermined by internal debates about judicial reform. The planned changes have prompted mass protests and strikes across the country. Netanyahu postponed the judicial reform on 27 March after thousands of Israelis took to the streets. Netanyahu spoke out against states that support terrorism, days after an alleged Israeli attack in Syria that reportedly killed two Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers. Media reports suggest uncertainty remains over the position of Defence Minister Yoav Gallant following his recent firing.

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